Our Top 10 Amish-Made Toys

This Christmas, buy quality Amish-made toys that will last for generations.  We’ve curated a list of our favorite classic toys – all of which are made locally by Amish craftsmen.

1. Lehman’s Racer SledAmish-Made Sled

Handcrafted for years of joy, this sled is so much faster and sturdier than the plastic sleds.  We took an old Flexible Flyer to an Amish craftsman and asked him to improve it. The end result has made us proud and will make you happy. Our Lehman’s Racer sleds are the sturdiest we’ve seen.

2. Our Wooden Yo-YoAmish Made Yo-Yo

Your best yo-yo tricks will look even more impressive with this beautiful, wooden toy made by the local Amish of maple and walnut. 

3. Spider Box SurpriseSpider Surprise Box

Give this wooden box to your unsuspecting family and friends and watch as they slide open the lid. Be prepared – there will be screams (and maybe a few jumps), as the toy spider pops out. The perfect gift for the prankster and the light-hearted and guaranteed to bring some laughs.  Made locally by Amish craftsmen.

4. Child’s Lil’ RockerEli & Mattie Lil' Rocker

Watch children’s faces light up as they gently sway back and forth in their own rocking chair. Carefully crafted of smooth, solid oak, it’s so well made you’ll be able to pass it down from child to child for generations of fun!  This charming rocker was handcrafted by the Amish woodworkers in our area.  The oak is unfinished for an old-fashioned look but you can paint or stain it and make it a custom gift.

5. Log Set

Amish-made wooden log sets

Cozy cabins, frontier lodges, even exotic castles, and chalets – there’s no limit to the variety of architectural masterpieces your children can build with these wooden logs. Genuine, wooden toys like those of past generations still encourage creativity, fine motor skills, problem solving and general enjoyment – all without batteries, computers, and cheap plastic parts.  This log kit is locally crafted by the Amish and is made of durable hardwood and finished with a non-toxic stain.

6. Eli & Mattie Animal TrainEli & Mattie Animal Train

Little ones will enjoy connecting the little wooden train together with the adorable animals. They easily unhook, too, so children can play with each one separately. Handcrafted by Amish woodworkers in our area – no plastic parts!

7. Adorable Balloon BoatAmish-made toys: balloon boat

Turn bath time into fun time.  Just blow up the balloon, place the boat in the water, and watch it zoom around the tub or pool.  How does it work?  Air from the balloon is expelled underwater from the back of the boat, pushing the boat forward.  This classic toy is signed by the Amish woodworker that created it. 

8. Wooden Tic-Tac-Toe BoardTic tac toe game

Ah, the eternal game of tic-tac-toe: an entertaining diversion for players of all ages, anytime, anywhere. Our version is a creative, three-dimensional twist on the age-old game – no pencil and paper needed.  It is crafted and signed by an Amish woodworker and makes a lovely addition to any game lover’s collection.

9. Child-Sized Corn BroomChild-Sized Corn Broom

Old-fashioned corn straw barn brooms just seem to work better and sweep cleaner than their artificial counterparts. Quality corn straw is expertly selected, bound and sewn by hand for years of use by local Amish crafters. 

10. Eli & Mattie Doll CradleAmish-made toys: doll cradle

Children will love tucking their beloved dolls into their own mini cradle. Crafted of smooth, solid oak by Amish woodworkers, this toy furniture is so well made, it can be passed down from child to child for generations of play.  The cradle fits the popular 18-inch dolls and comes fully assembled.

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6 months ago

Need Childs rake

David Moon
David Moon
6 months ago

What happened to the wooden marble race toy?

Reply to  David Moon
6 months ago

Our vendor no longer makes that toy but we are searching for a new vendor!

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