Great Gifts for the Gardener (All USA Made!)

We all know someone with a green thumb.  This holiday season, choose practical gifts that will delight the gardener.   We offer one of the best online gardening accessories catalogs with plenty of everyday staples and clever solutions that help you better reach your garden goals. We’ve got garden tools and supplies for every aspect of gardening from planting to composting, harvesting and cleaning up after a day of playing in the dirt. Shop high-quality, American-made accessories that are used by real Amish farmers.

We have curated our list of the most thoughtful gifts for the gardener in your life, all proudly made right here in the USA.

1. Maine Garden HodMaine Garden Hod

For generations, New England clam diggers have relied on these sturdy hods to stow and clean their day’s catch. Now, inlanders are raving about their usefulness around the garden, yard and home.  The wire mesh body allows you to wash and drain harvest right in the hod.  It also doubles as a magazine holder, pantry bin or portable toy box.  This hod has been made in Maine for decades.

2. Push-Pull Garden HoeUsing Push Pull Hoe in garden

Pull ahead of those ever-growing weeds. Using a push and pull motion, the sharp, serrated edges of the “v” blade helps you to cut down weeds easier than a traditional hoe. For this reason, the push pull hoe is perfect for cultivating gardens. Use the point to dig out those deeply rooted weeds.

3. Cedar Elevated Garden BedCedar Elevated Garden Bed

Aromatic red cedar is naturally resistant to weather, rot and insects, making this easy-to-assemble elevated garden bed a hardy choice. It’s great for organic gardening because no chemical treatment is used. Better yet, it’s specially designed so you don’t have to bend down to the ground, so it’s easier on your back.  Grow your favorite flowers, vegetables and fruit in an easy to maintain (and easy on the back) raised garden bed.

4. WeatherstickWeatherstick

It sounds weird, but it really does work!  This slim weatherstick curves upward when sunny skies are on the way and curves downward when rain or snow is coming. Changes in barometric pressure set it moving because it is made out of balsam fir.  Simply mount it on your porch, tree, house or a post and a glance out the window will tell you the weather.   

5. Upcycled Bat HouseUpcycled Bat House

Why would you want to attract bats?  Because they eat the bugs!  Just hang up this upcycled bat house near your garden or yard to help attract bats – they’ll take care of pesky mosquitoes and flies! Handsomely made by Amish craftsmen, our bat house is solidly built from old boards that were used in mushroom beds. This thick reclaimed wood is naturally tough, so no staining is needed. Plus, it’s a great conversation piece.

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Magi Clark
Magi Clark
4 months ago

I love my Garden Hod! When it’s not getting used in the garden I use it as a “shopping basket” to bring stuff up from the basement pantry!

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