5 Fabulous Finds for Your Favorite Chef

The recipe for the perfect gift is right here. Delight the chef in your life with proven, hardy kitchenware that is made to keep up with the busy cook. Find premium cutlery, American-made glassware, old-fashioned helpers, hand-thrown pottery, baking tools, canners, and food preservation supplies. You’re sure to find a gift they’ll appreciate and use, again and again.

Here are our picks for the best gifts for the chef in your life!

1. ULU KnifeGifts for the Chef: ULU Knife and Bowl Set

Available only at Lehman’s, our Ulu knife and bowl set is the fastest way to chop and dice. The ULU knife’s crescent-shaped blade is much more practical than long knives for chopping and mincing.

Rock back and forth in the curved hardwood bowl to swiftly dice vegetables, herbs, and garlic; or flip the bowl over for a flat cutting surface.  This practical knife has been used by the native people of Alaska for generations.  The word ULU means knife in Inuktitut, their language.

2. Skillet ClockCast Iron Skillet Clock

This exclusive, ingenious clock is made by our own Lehman’s craftsmen with a real Lodge cast iron skillet. It’s sure to give any kitchen a fun, classic look.  It’s the perfect addition to the chef’s domain (the kitchen!)

3. Steam Juicer

Mehu-Maija Steam Juicer

Make delicious artisanal batches of wine and juices right at home on your stovetop – what could be better than that?! Drop fruit in top chamber (grapes on the stem, apple quarters, whole berries), then fill bottom chamber with water and boil. The juice concentrate collects in the center chamber. Empty your juice into a glass to enjoy right away or store it for a special  event.

4. Rada Knife SetGifts for the Chef: Rada Knives Starter Set

The Rada Knives Starter Set gives you a little bit of everything from the versatile Cook’s Knife to specialty knives for slicing tomatoes and bread with ease. It’s the ultimate food prep set – super sharp and made in the USA!  Equip your chef’s kitchen with these quality tools for paring, peeling, and slicing.

5. Cast Iron Waffle MakerStovetop Cast Iron Waffle Maker

Make delectable, crispy-edged, round waffles on any stove or grill and crown them with butter and syrup or fruit. This waffle maker is made with a double rim that effectively ends dripping – no other iron waffle maker has it! Plus, cast iron lasts longer, heats more evenly and holds the heat better than cast aluminum.

Need more ideas? Browse our Christmas Store for more gifts for the chef.

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Doris Perry
Doris Perry
1 month ago

Does this waffle maker work on electric stove burners as well?

Reply to  Doris Perry
1 month ago

Great question, Doris! This Waffles maker works best on gas, also works on electric, but not “induction” or smooth glass cooktops. We hope this helps!

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