Enter to WIN our Fall Sweepstakes!


It’s officially fall, and we’ve already felt the chill in the air here in Ohio. Are you ready to curl up with a good book in good old-fashioned STYLE?

Starting today, you can enter to win our Slow Down and Warm Up Fall Sweepstakes. It’s a prize package fit for a king or queen, and it all fits in your living room.

Here’s what one lucky winner will receive:

  • 1 Pennsylvania Amish Rocker – handmade with steam-bent hickory pieces, perfectly contours to your back. Just say “ahhhhhhh.”
  • 1 Authentic Buggy or Lamp Robe – The thickest, plushest, coziest blanket we sell. Made by our Amish friends, it’s the same one seen around here keeping many people snug and warm as they travel the winter roads in horse-drawn buggies!
  • 1 Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware Chili Bowl– It’s a chili bowl, a hot chocolate mug, and everything in between. Each one is handmade, so no two are exactly alike. Holds a big 3-cup helping of whatever you want to enjoy in it.
  • 1 Maggie and Mary’s Chill Chasin’ Chili Mix- Chilly? Time for chili! Tastes like you spent all day in the kitchen, but it’s ready in just 30-45 minutes. Simple as that.
  • 1 Classic Soup Spoon Set – To savor that chili, you’ll need a spoon, and we only sell these classic spoons as a set, so… there you go, you’ll get a whole set!
  • 1 Amish-Made Stepstool- Built by Amish woodworkers, it’s a true heirloom that works as beautifully as it looks. Perfect for propping your feet up, a boost to reach that top shelf, the sink or even a child’s “timeout.”
  • 1 Natural Jute Rug- Braided entirely of natural, sustainable jute fiber (known for its strength). Just the thing for under a stool, beside a hearth, beneath the sink – anywhere a cozy little rug is needed.
  • 1 Encyclopedia of Country Living Book-  No matter where you live, there is important information in this book for you. “The Original Manual for Living Off the Land and Doing It Yourself” contains over 1,000 recipes ALONE. 

All these wonderful things have a retail value of more than $500, so we’re not talking small potatoes here. Be sure to enter, and let your friends know, too! We hope you’ll find many ways to slow down and warm up this fall – and savor the season.