12 Comforting Activities You Can Enjoy at Home

cozy at homeThese are stressful and uncertain times. To help you feel warm and safe, even if you are stuck at home and watching the news too much, here is a list of comforting activities you can enjoy.

1. Play a board game.
I remember growing up (pre-Netflix, my friends) my three siblings and I would hold marathon Monopoly games. We leave the game set up for days, and return to it for weeks.

2. Start a complicated puzzle. Again, find a spot in your house where you can leave it set up over a long period of time. Once it is completed and our world is back to normal, you can frame the puzzle as a reminder that we can get through anything together.

3. Cook from scratch. There is something very therapeutic about baking bread together, chopping vegetables for a stew, filling the house with yummy smells…bread

4. Then sit down at the table to enjoy your meal. If you have family living in your household, turn off the devices and hold a conversation. When our children were small, we would go around the table and ask each person to say One Good Thing that happened today and One Bad Thing that happened today. Sometimes the conversation turned more serious, but most of the time it produced more than a few laughs.

5. Spring clean. You know that closet or drawer you never seem to get to? Empty it, clean it and then neatly return only the items you need, use or want.

6. Talk on the phone.
Large social gatherings are not appropriate right now. But phone calls are – call a high school friend, your grandparents, someone you know that lives alone.

7. Read a book.
I tend to binge watch the news, and then the virus and economic woes fill my head. Pick a classic or a mystery – something that you can really lose yourself in.reading

8. Outdoor activities, with appropriate social distancing, is great for the mind, body and soul.
Take a look around and find the daffodils that are popping up; listen to the robins chirping; nature is still working just fine.

9. Start a gratitude journal.
Even when times are uncertain, there is much to be grateful for, particularly if you are not sick. I saw a post on social media that said, “Your grandparents were called to war. You are being called to sit on the couch. You can do this!”

10. Spend some effort on making your space comforting. Last night we watched a movie in front of the fireplace, with candles lit and cuddling in a blanket. Popcorn was served.

11. Maintain a regular schedule (which is harder than it seems).
When you are used to getting up and getting the children off to school before heading out to work, the hours of the day can seem long. Go to bed and get up the same time you normally did. Have regular meals, at the table, at the normal time.

12. Take care of yourself.
If you are feeling isolated, reach out electronically to family and friends. Do an online yoga class. This too shall pass.


Glenda Lehman ErvinGlenda Lehman Ervin is the daughter of company founder Jay Lehman and VP of Marketing. “I love talking to people who are on their journey to a simpler life. Step by step, we are all on the path to a meaningful, satisfying life. We are thrilled that Lehman’s can be a part of that journey.” Glenda lives in a woods with her husband and two children, just a few miles north of Lehman’s, in Kidron, OH. They have two cats named, surprisingly uncreatively, Baby Cat and Girl Cat.

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