American Gardens: Southern Harvest Starts Up

Our Lazy Housewife beans! We're eating some fresh, putting some up. Thanks, Lehman's!
Our Lazy Housewife beans! We’re eating some fresh, putting some up. Thanks, Lehman’s!

The garden is doing great, and I’m starting to harvest lots of goodies!  Since I’m furthest south, I’m thinking the first American Gardener to harvest.

The Lazy Housewife beans have done really well, despite the June Bugs and Mexican Bean beetles (which I’ve had to really stay on top of this year). I love that the beans can be cooked as green beans, or canned (which I’ve done a lot of!), or you can let them get larger and dry out for shelling beans. 

Heirloom Little Potato Cucumber Seeds from
Our Little Potato Cukes are so cute.
Heirloom Little Potato Cucumber seeds from
Here’s what the Little Potato Cucumbers look like inside. They’re really good.

The Little Potato Cucumbers are so funny! When I first found them growing, I thought something was wrong with my cucumbers.

I had to go back and look at a picture of them to see what they’re supposed to look like.

My kids got a good laugh out of our unusual cukes. They taste just like regular cucumbers, though we prefer to peel this variety. I’ve been sharing them with my friends, all of whom have loved them!

Black Cherry heirloom tomato seeds from
We’ll have plenty of Black Cherry tomatoes! Just waiting for them to ripen.

I’m anxiously waiting for the Black Cherry Tomatoes to turn that lovely crimson shade that begs one to devour them whole.

The lettuce is long gone, enjoyed in its prime before the summer heat caused what was left of our plants to bolt. I’ve allowed a couple of plants to remain in the bed, hoping to save the seeds for next year’s garden.

Though I may have planted them too closely to my other lettuce… I’ll have to read up on cross-pollination between lettuce varieties to see if I can still save it or not. I’d love to grow more Three Heart Lettuce again.

Is everyone staying cool? We’ve decided to keep the central air turned off in preparation for life off-grid, which is in our near-future plan. It has been over 90* in the house more times than I care to think about. Melting I’ve had to get creative to keep the kids and I cool throughout the day. My husband is lucky… at least he gets some A/C while he works!

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