Give the Gift of a Simpler Life

This season, give the gift of a simpler life.

Life can be stressful, especially around the holidays, when the demands on our time and our budget increase. We want you to enjoy the holidays with family and friends and give the gift of a simpler life.

Give the gift of warmth with a cozy lap blanket. Our local Amish friends and others who travel by horsepower rely on these lap robes to stay clean, warm and dry. They’re great for buggy rides, sleigh rides or those chilly Friday night football games. Large enough to really wrap yourself up.

Give the gift of homemade. How lovely to say, “I made this for you,” and give your loved ones an assortment of hand-crafted candles. Choose a container that is special to the recipient, such as an antique coffee can for the coffee lover, to make the gift even more special. (Check out our diy mason jar candle video below for inspiration.)

Give the gift of family fun. With a huge assortment of puzzles, the holidays are the perfect time to start a family tradition. Turn off the television and mobile devices and really connect with your children and grandchildren.

Give the gift of lighting. If your goal is to create a home that’s self-sufficient, emergency-ready and prepared for anything, you’ve got to invest in some high-quality, non-electric lighting for family and friends. Or perhaps you love the soft ambient light an oil lamp or lantern provides. The hurricane lanterns also make lovely outdoor lighting for your family’s porch or patio.

Give the gift of an old-fashioned dessert. One of my favorite things is to use a practical container to bring dessert to a holiday meal. Leave the remaining cake (if there is any!) and let the host know the container is also a gift.

Give the gift of home cooking. Prepare a meal, made with love, for your guests. They will know that you took the time and energy that comes with a traditional meal around the holiday table. These bowls are all slightly different as they are made by hand by a family business in Texas.

chicken cooker
chicken cooker

Give the gift of simplicity. Hand tools for gardening are easy to use, low maintenance and practical. This Amish-made garden hoe is a thoughtful gift.

Here is what my brother, Galen, says about it. “My longtime Amish acquaintance, Melvin, makes these hoes. I took the first prototype we got from him (some 20 years ago) home with me to test. I’m still using it! Melvin’s secret is that he uses those giant circular buzz saw blades from lumber mills to make his hoe blades. If it cuts hardwood without getting dull, you know it will slice through the dirt. And, I love the extra wide blade because it cuts down on the time required. It’s great for hilling potatoes, too!”

Even Santa does his holiday shopping at Lehman’s!


Glenda Lehman Ervin

Glenda Lehman Ervin is the daughter of company founder Jay Lehman and Director of Marketing. “I love talking to people who are on their journey to a simpler life. Step by step, we are all on the path to a meaningful, satisfying life. We are thrilled that Lehman’s can be a part of that journey.” Glenda lives in a woods with her husband and two children, just a few miles north of Lehman’s, in Kidron, OH. They have two cats named, surprisingly uncreatively, Baby Cat and Girl Cat.

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