How to Make Spaghetti Noodles

We are still overrun with fresh eggs each day (I’m not complaining) so homemade pasta has been on the menu more often recently. It’s a great way to use up the excess of eggs we get each season, and is there anything better than a plate of fresh spaghetti noodles after a long day on the homestead? I think not.
If you’ve never made pasta you may think it’s too complicated, takes too long, or maybe it’s not worth your time. I’m here to prove you wrong. Let’s use up some of those beautiful eggs sitting on your counter and make something together, shall we?

The Dough

We’re making the dough just like last time. 4 cups of flour and 6 fresh, room temperature eggs. Can’t remember how to make the dough, look back at this recipe or this video :) For spaghetti, we’re going to pass it through the rollers all the way through the fourth setting. Once you have all your pasta rolled out, give it a nice dusting on each side and allow to sit on the counter for a good 10-15 minutes. At this time, go a head and get your spaghetti cutting part out for your Atlas Pasta Machine and get a large pot of water boiling.rolling pasta dough

Pasta Machine

Now, let’s cut those noodles! Depending on how long your rolled out pasta is, you may want to cut it in to 12” lengths. Unless you’re wanting a super romantic Lady and the Tramp moment with your partner :) Give the noodles one last light dusting and pass them through the spaghetti setting. Having a pasta machine, I feel, is a must on a working homestead. It’s by far my favorite way to use and be able to store those fresh eggs and make something delicious for your family. We are loving our Atlas Pasta Machine from Lehman’s. Check them out here!

Once your noodles are cut, you can hang them to dry, or lay them out on the counter with another light dusting of flour until you’re ready to cook them.drying spaghetti noodles

Now, if you have a garden or access to fresh tomatoes, I highly recommend making your own sauce. BUT, if you’re busy building a homestead, raising a gaggle of children underfoot, and just don’t have time…grab your favorite pasta sauce for a really quick meal. It’s all balance baby, and sometimes homemade sauce just isn’t in the cards and that’s okay.

Now that your pasta water is boiling, give it a good dash of salt and a quick stir and toss in the pasta. This pasta will cook so fast so I stir it constantly and watch closely. It’ll be done in about 4 minutes so give it a test and cook it to your liking. Drain that beautiful pasta and toss with a sauce of your choice.


homemade spaghetti

You did it! You just made homemade spaghetti noodles and I am so proud of you! BUT…you still have tons of eggs on the counter, you say? Well, I’ll be back real soon and we’ll chat about how to preserve this fresh, homemade pasta so you can have it any day of the week. Until then, keep that homestead going.
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