I Was ‘Barn’ to Love You: Rustic Wedding Decor

Barn Wedding_17 RGB.jpg550x350An old-fashioned hardware as a source for wedding supplies? That seems as ironic as a wedding in a barn. Yet, “barn weddings” have become the rustic venue of choice for country and hipster couples alike as they re-envision this humble structure into a stunning new space for their big day.

Canning jars as drinking glasses? Very rustic chic!
Canning jars as drinking glasses? Very rustic chic!

Here at Lehman’s, we’re all about simplicity, authenticity and of course, “the good old days,” so we completely understand the appeal of barns. In fact, we transformed several pre-Civil War era barns into retail space for our old-fashioned hardware turned simple living destination in Kidron, Ohio. Our 35,000-square-foot space is loaded floor to ceiling with timeless treasures celebrating the simpler things. Brides and grooms will quickly discover that it’s not just a great place for wedding supplies. It’s also a wonderful source of wedding inspiration.

Barn Wedding_26 RGB.jpg550x350

Here, DIYers can find everything from candle-making to cheese-making supplies. Brides who want to create personalized gifts for their attendants will discover essential oils for aromatherapy and kits to make homemade soap. Nostalgic couples will find everything they need to make those wedding favors using grandma’s homemade jam recipe. And better yet, we have experts on staff to tell you exactly how to do it.

Handmade snacks, old-time bottled sodas and harvest baskets are part of the "barn charm" at a recent wedding, where Lehman's provided many of the decorations.
Handmade snacks, old-time bottled sodas and harvest baskets are part of the “barn charm” at a recent wedding, where Lehman’s provided many of the decorations.

If the DIY tasks aren’t in the plan, you’ll also find hundreds of products perfect for décor. Hurricane lanterns and beautiful oil lamps illuminate rustic spaces and become a family keepsake. Mason jars in all shapes and sizes are ready to be reimagined into countless wedding accents, and galvanized tubs and candy kegs are those catch-all containers for everything from bottled sodas to hot dog sticks (and we have those, too)!

Located on the square in Kidron for more than sixty years, our store is open every day except Sunday. Couples looking to add a chic, rustic touch to their wedding will love what they find under the hand-hewn barn beams. Live at a distance? No worries — our online store is always open.

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