Photo Caption Contest Winner! (and honorable mentions…)

captionWe received dozens of responses to our photo caption contest a few weeks ago.  There were so many clever and humorous suggestions, our staff had quite a time picking out our favorites. But we managed to narrow them down a bit, and without further ado, the winner of the $100 gift certificate is…

“You’re being cited for going clippity-clop, clippity-clop, in a designated clop-clop-clop-clop zone.”

-Doug Fabens, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Honorable Mention (Our Favorites):

  • John Law is begging for pointers on how to make award-winning sauerkraut. (Dianne Dillon)
  • I knew I shouldn’t have bought that genetically modified feed! (Elizabeth Barnes)
  • Man: But officer, I was only doing 3 mph! Officer: A likely story sir! I clocked you at 5 mph! (C Jansen)
  • Emissions violation? (Nancy Roath)
  • I’m sorry sir, I’m going to have to cite you for not keeping up with the pace of modernity: you are now two centuries behind! (Connie Gordon)
  • So, the corn is four bucks a dozen? I’ll take six, and a dozen eggs. Got milk? (RJ Rains)
  • Yes, officer, you need to take a left at the Yoder farm, and then a right at the Yoder farm, and then another left at the Yoder farm, and that will take you right to the Donut Shack. (E Dunleap)
  • Lehman’s?  Sure, officer, I know the place.  Just put these coordinates into your GPS and you’ll be there in no time. (Bonni Borosky)

Watch for another contest, coming soon! And thanks for all the great responses.