Pictures of the Season

Horse Barn with Snow all over it.This morning the first major snow fall of the season is supposed to net us over 2-4 inches of snow (looking out the office window, it looks like 5 inches). At Lehman’s we love the seasons, and in Northeast Ohio we get them all. You take the good with the bad when you get all the seasons, each presenting its own challenges and more importantly, their own beauty. Our neighbor has a wonderful barn that is used for boarding horses. The snow covering the barn and the trees beyond is very beautiful. Evergreen with a coat on
Herb making sure we don’t fallHerb took care of the sidewalks and the trees are wearing their snowy coats. The down side is the schools are closed or delayed and driving is difficult.

It just occurred to me that some of our regular readers may be thrown by the new graphic at the top of the Lehman’s Country Life web site. Don’t worry, you are at Lehman’s Country Life! We are just trying to show an appreciation for the beauty, and hope you enjoy it as well.

One idea we are working on is to take a photograph of a barn here in Wayne County through the seasons, these would be turned into proper graphics for display at the top of Lehman’s Country Life. In order to put this idea in motion I need a barn to photograph, for that I have turned to one of our contributors, Sue Steiner, who is getting the photos. Sue is an excellent photographer, artist, and regular contributor to the blog.

I hope the new graphic does not cause anybody to panic. We thought it would be nice to have a seasonal graphic, besides, change is nice once in a while. Enjoy the season.

One thought on “Pictures of the Season

  1. Good job there, Herb! :)
    We got another little dusting of the white stuff last night, and this morning the thermometer outside my house read 3 degrees. Brrrr – welcome, Old Man Winter!