Lehman’s Staff Favorites for Fall and Winter

Our employees really know our products! We asked around our store, office and warehouse to get a “feel” (brrr) for what our staff loves to use in the fall and winter. Here are their (varied) responses:

Our Amish made Roll-Top Bread Box

Our Amish made Roll-Top Bread Box

“The Roll-top bread box is one of my favorites in fall and winter. As the months start to get chilly pests (mice, etc.) want to move in and the box keeps bread and such out of their reach. Also, the noodle maker is a tool that gets more use in the colder months, and of course the Whirley popper. We enjoy ‘real’ popcorn in the colder months.”

-Carol, Receiving

“I use the Odor Free Compost Pail.  I love the way it looks, the stainless steel not only looks great, but is easy to wash and keep it looking clean and shiny.  I do not have to worry about the handles breaking or the pail cracking and breaking.   I have it setting on a shelf in my kitchen and often get asked what I use that for.  There is no odor and it looks great and no one would guess that it is holding our garbage that will end up on our compost pile.”
-Jean, Housewares Dept. Leader

Our stainless steel popcorn popper is a customer and staff favorite.

“In my family, the popcorn poppers are a favorite.  I myself do not have one (I should remedy that), but I have been making sure the rest of my family has one.  I got my dad the Whirley Pop popper and after about a year or so, he had the plastic gears worn so badly that it wouldn’t always turn properly.  For his next birthday gift, I got him the stainless steel one with the metal gears.  If he wears those out, I don’t know what to do. Then I got my brother and sister-in-law a popper as well. One time when they were hungry for popcorn, my sister-in-law asked, “Which do you want, bag or stove-top?” My brother said, ‘Pssh, stove-top, duh!'”
-Diane, Web Dept.

“Hands-down, ladyfinger popcorn is my favorite. No hulls, the best-tasting I’ve ever had.”
-Shelley, Catalog Dept.

Our Maple Lover’s Gift Set give you four delicious ways to enjoy that rich maple flavor.

Au Natural Body Cream with Emu Oil in Plumeria scent. I discovered it in 2003 and love it. It is great for dry skin in the fall and winter and I love the Plumeria scent. When I give it as a gift, they always want to know where to get more.”
-Heather, Data Specialist

“My favorite fall product is my Memphis grill.  I use it all year long and fall is always a great time for steak for turkey.”
-Carlos, Supervisor, Major Products Sales

“I love anything maple. I have to have to maple candy on hand for my nephew, who has food allergies. He loves Aunt Sarah’s maple treats from Lehman’s!”
-Sarah, Catalog Editor

And finally…

“My favorite product is the annual catalog.  It is unique, has a great heritage, is fun to read, is collectible and  colorful, provides useful information, and is updated regularly (which is a great selling point for geeks like me…)! And no, this isn’t a cop-out.  I really think it is one of our best products, and I can’t think of anything Lehman’s sells that I like better.”
-Daniel, Systems Administrator