The “Real Toy” List for 2011

Many of the big-box stores have already come out with their top toy lists. In late September, Toys R Us lead the pack with theirs, and more are coming out every day. And I’ve noticed something about these toys–they need stuff. Accessories, batteries, booster packs: the list goes on.

How about a toy that only needs your child’s imagination?

Handmade glass marbles

You can find 'this many' marbles in our Kidron retail store!

Lehman’s has you covered there. Our traditional toys have been loved by children for generations. I’m betting you’ll see things you had as a child on Lehman’s Top Ten Toy list.

1. Wooden Marble Track
2. Dutch Blitz
3. Multi-wood Three Piece Train
4. Barnyard Friends Plush Set
5. Carrom Cues (because the game boards last forever!)
6. Replacement Carrom 20 Piece Play Package (see above)
7. Classic Wooden Stacking Rings
8. Miniature Cast Iron Wood Cookstove
9. Button and String Toy
10. Genuine Glass Marbles

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing gift wishes from many of our employees. And there’s more seasonal fun planned. Stay tuned!

Karen Johnson
Web Copywriter


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