5 Simple Solutions to Keep Your Home Fresh and Clean

cleaning counterIs your home overrun by dust bunnies and noticeable dirt? If so, it’s time for some good, old-fashioned cleaning! This necessary task not only makes your house look good but will also make you feel good. (After all, who doesn’t like coming home to a sparkling clean house?)

Here are our top five cleaning solutions to make the job so much easier.

#1: Pick Up Dust Naturally with Wool!

big wooly dust mop
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You don’t need messy, chemical-filled sprays to whisk away the dust. You just need wool. Yes, that’s the Big Wooly Dust Mop’s secret weapon for picking up dust. Wool contains lanolin, which naturally attracts dust like a magnet unlike any other spray and towel-wiping methods you may have used in the past.

Plus, one of the most convenient features about the Big Wooly Dust Mop compared to other wool dusters is that the wool head is removable. This means you can hand wash it and get it truly clean for your next big dust removal.

#2: Use Bee’s Wax to Restore a Lustrous Shine to Wooden Furniture and Morebees wax furniture polishIf you haven’t wandered over to Lehman’s lately, you’re missing out on one of our most popular cleaners. Bee’s Wax Furniture Polish is well loved for many reasons. One being that it makes wooden furniture look amazing with its beeswax formula. The other is that it is so versatile. Use it on leather, wrought iron, marble, granite, glass and mirrors, even stainless steel – it leaves no fingerprints or ugly residue!

#3: Disinfect, Deodorize and Sanitize Any Room With Old-Fashioned Pine Cleanerhousehold cleaning

All-purpose Super Pine Cleaner will leave your home smelling fresh and clean. Unlike common pine cleaners, it’s packed with over 90% pure pine oil and surfactants. And it has many uses! Use it in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. It’s environmentally safe and biodegradable.

#4: Clean the Outside of Windows Safely from the Inside…magnetic window cleanerThis window cleaner is magic (okay, magnetic, but it might feel magical when you actually use it.) It solves the dilemma of how to clean the outside of your windows in a safe and not so strenuous manner.

All you have to do is open the window and put one magnet on the outside and match up the other magnet on the inside. As you move the inside magnet, the outside magnet follows. The best part is you can do this from the inside of your home.

#5: Sweep Without Cordscompact floor sweeperAre your ears ringing from the loud sound of your vacuum? Is one side of the room left untouched because the cord isn’t long enough to reach? Forget the hassle of dealing with a cord because it’s time to go cordless.

This non-electric floor sweeper liberates you from the cacophony and restrictions of a plug-in vacuum with no messy bags to replace. It picks up surface dirt, pet hair, crumbs, popcorn and peanuts as well as an electric vacuum. Plus, it has two rotating corner brushes, so you can get close to baseboards or tables legs.

Cleaning is always easier when you have the right tools and supplies! Check out all our favorite cleaning products and cleaning gadgets which will make your home sparkly clean this season!


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