5 Ways to Deck the Halls

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition or memory? Decorating for Christmas has always been a favorite of mine, ever since the early days of my childhood.

Every year, my family would go to a local tree farm and get a fresh-cut tree to decorate. The adventure of getting the tree was just as thrilling as decorating every branch. The smell of fresh pine, the crisp air that left our hands and feet chilled, the warmth of fire as we gathered inside around the hearth as we sipped hot cocoa…

The decorations alone were nothing without the traditions my family created around them. In my opinion, the traditions were the very best part of decorating!

Here are some meaningful ways to “deck the halls” with your loved ones this holiday season, and perhaps, start some new traditions of your own.

1. Countdown with an Advent CalendarSanta Advent Calendar

A fun and simple way to share the excitement of Christmas is an advent calendar. Advent calendars come in many shapes and forms, but essentially, work the same way. Each day before Christmas (usually beginning December 1), you open a day on the calendar to find a small treat or token inside.

Our vintage-style advent calendar features mini wooden doors numbered for each day. Just fill with your own treats and watch as both the young and the young at heart enjoy. Plus, it’s beautiful to display!

2. Give an Ornament Every Yearolive wood tree ornament

My grandparents started a tradition for all their grandkids years ago. Instead of gift cards or some generic boxed gift that we’d forget about in a year or two, they started giving us an ornament every Christmas. Those ornaments have become some of my most prized possessions, especially after my grandpa passed away.  When I hang the ornaments on the tree each Christmas, I think of him and my grandma fondly.

Ornaments make great, meaningful gifts for family and friends. Discover Lehman’s assortment of ornaments from nostalgic to adorable, including a special collection of hand-carved olive wood ornaments made in Bethlehem.

3. Light a Candle in Remembrancebayberry pillar candle

The holidays can be a hard time for many who have lost loved ones over the years. One beautiful tradition in keeping their memory alive is lighting a candle for them. The soft, glow of light is not only comforting but lovely too.

(As with any flame, don’t leave unattended. If you prefer non-flame candles, classic window candles are a great alternative.)

4. Turn Holiday Plates into a Tradition of Givinggiving plate cookie tray

Holiday dinnerware is a festive way to decorate any kitchen, but sharing the merriness is even better. The giving plate celebrates the tradition of giving. Fill it with cookies and treats, then give it away as thoughtful gift. The receiver of the giving plate is then encouraged to pass it on when they’re done to continue this loving tradition.

5. Have a Decorating Party 

Gather your loved ones together and make a day or night of decorating for the holidays. Share a meal or have a game night after the decorating is done. Creating new memories is the true gift of them all.

Shop Lehman’s holiday décor here.

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