7 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts They’ll Love

Housewarming gifts are given to help those we love to make their houses into warm, comfortable homes. As someone that loves to decorate my space with my eclectic style, carefully-chosen gifts for my home make me feel loved. Typically given upon the first time visiting someone’s new house, housewarming gifts can make the stressful process of moving feel more fun. It can certainly be difficult to know what makes the perfect gift for this occasion. That’s why I’ve put together a list of items from Lehman’s that would make thoughtful, personal gifts, as well as tips for future shopping.

1. Useful Items They’ll Actually Usedenim rug

A housewarming gift should be useful. Many people use moving houses as an opportunity to de-clutter, and don’t want more things to just sit around. Things that help keep the new house looking new make very useful gifts. Rugs help keep new carpets and hardwood floors looking their best. The Tough Woven Denim Rug is great because it’s washable like a pair of jeans. Coasters help protect furniture and come in so many different designs. A cutting board keeps the counter from being used for cutting. Lehman’s Ohio cutting board adds a personal touch.

2. Gifts of Comfort

Lehman's Vintage Nomad Oil Lamp
Find cozy oil lamps, like the Vintage Nomad Oil Lamp at Lehmans.com

Comfort is always a priority when decorating a new home. A nice piece of warm lighting adds a lot of coziness and can be classy too. Lehman’s selection of oil lamps is famous, and they carry everything needed to maintain them.  

Diffusers for essential oils fill the house with natural oils that smell great and have health benefits. A throw blanket looks great, and will be used a lot.  

3. Essentials for the Cook

Lodge cast iron skillet
Shop Lehmans.com for a wide selection cast iron cookware, including Lodge.

When it comes to the kitchen, a nice cookbook is a must-have, and you can never have too many.  A versatile kitchen piece, like Lehman’s cast iron cookware, is also a staple.

If you know that the person you’re buying for doesn’t have one, a block of nice kitchen knives is a thoughtful and extremely useful gift. A set of dish towels is helpful, and also can have images of something that the person you’re buying for is interested in, to be even more thoughtful.  

4. Décor for the SeasonChristmas Shimmer LED Lantern with Cardinals

Seasonal gifts are great because even if someone has something already, they probably don’t have one for a specific time of year. Welcome mats for summer, spring, fall, or winter come in many different styles. Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas; I have a different wreath for each season. Dishes, a tablecloth, and a throw pillow are just a few of the things that can also be seasonal.  

5. Recipe Box with a Personal Touchrecipe boxes

A recipe box filled with your own collection of favorite recipes might be the nicest gift they’ve ever received.

6. Organizersdesk organizer

Housewarming gifts that help someone keep their new house organized will always be appreciated. If they don’t have one already, a silverware organizing tray is a must-have. A desk organizer or dish drying rack will also be used a lot.  

7. Handcrafted Artisan GiftsPennsylvania Amish Rocker

Some other miscellaneous items that people love to receive as gifts are hand-woven picnic baskets, a piece of handmade pottery, a beautiful rocking chair, and an Amish-made oak stepping stool.  

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