Sustainable Living

Joel Salatin

Meet Joel Salatin

Meet Joel Salatin. Learn more about this trailblazing farmer’s love for the earth and the growth of Polyface Farm at his upcoming visit to Lehman’s.

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Living a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Is your household ready to go green? Living a zero-waste lifestyle is possible by making simple choices. Learn how to eliminate your trash with Patrice Lewis’ help.

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the yurt before chimney

Safely Heating a Yurt With Wood

Hannah shares her experience with heating her yurt. “It’s definitely more work to heat with wood than to heat with gas or electricity, but it feels good!”

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a yurt

Why I’m Building a Yurt

In order to live on the land where I work, I need a dwelling, one that I can put up with a few days’ work. That’s why a yurt is the perfect choice.

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