Customer Connections: Stories of a Simpler Life

Coming from the Customer Service Manager, I realize it might sound cliché, but one of my favorite things is the interactions I get to have with our customers. Our customer base is diverse, and I absolutely love it because it makes each interaction unique.

It’s the person who shares how they came here with their grandparents and are now visiting with children of their own. Or the customer who saw us on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and wants to make their own butter or plant a garden in their apartment in New York. couple planting garden on city rooftopIt’s the customer who is looking to be able to have access to clean, fresh water and just isn’t quite sure the best way to go about it. Or the kid who sends us pennies in the mail so that we can stamp them for their personal collection.

A moment that’s been ingrained for me was a conversation I had with a customer who was living off grid. He literally had climbed towards the top of the mountain so he could call to place his order. I mean seriously, how cool is that? We had a great conversation and he shared all about the off-grid cabin he was working on.

I recently had the privilege of introducing Kent Rollins and his wife Shannon at our recent event. After the introduction, as I was walking through the crowd, a gentleman and his wife stopped me and thanked me for having them come in.

Those are genuine, authentic moments and in them I couldn’t have been prouder to be a Lehman’s team member. You see, it isn’t just about selling items, it’s about creating relationships. Sure, selling things is important (we are a business, right?), but it goes deeper than that. “Helping folks on their journey to a Simpler Life” isn’t just a tagline for those of us working here. We are truly invested in our customers and helping them on that journey; whatever it might mean for each of walking into Lehman's store

And when you think back to the adult who came here as a child and now is visiting or sharing Lehman’s with their own family, that’s the legacy of this brand. No matter how you slice it, it’s amazing and I’m blessed to be able to be a part of it.

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4 months ago

Great article. We spend most of our lives at work, so it is always refreshing to here folks testimony as to how much they enjoy their work instead of how much they hate it! Thanks for the encouragement!

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