Kayla, Koda and Carrots: Seedlings

I never knew how accomplished I would feel just from nursing little tiny plants. We have seedlings! To be completely fair, I was very scared I messed something up when planting, which led to daily check-ins to see if any green sprouts would make their presences known. Thankfully, after a VERY cold first week, and a move to a brighter, sunnier area, we have availed. Now here is a recap of the last 4 weeks.

Vigoroot Balcony Garden
I planted my patio garden in the Vigoroot Balcony Container Garden, available at Lehmans.com or at Lehman’s retail store in Kidron, Ohio.

The Challenge of Frost

The day I planted all of my seeds, it dropped to 30 degrees over night with a frost warning. I thought to myself, “Great. This isn’t going to end well” and started to panic slightly. I immediately started searching for answers of how to keep my newfound passion project alive.

After some research, I tucked my patio garden in with two blankets in hopes it would shield them from the bitterness. My dad swore to me that they would be fine since they hadn’t sprouted, and the garden was so close to the house, the frost wouldn’t get on to them, but better to be safe than sorry.  I got up to go to the office the next morning and checked on my garden to find no frost had made its way to the soil! Great! Now, I can just take extra precautions. The next five days followed, and temperatures also lingered around 35 degrees each night, but thankfully, no frost. Koda, my cat, offered to use some of his spare fur to keep the garden warm, but I don’t think he even has enough hair for that.Koda by garden container in grass

Relocation of the Garden

The next week became a breeze. I ended up moving the garden out to a more lit area to be sure they were getting enough sunlight to encourage growth. Finally, the first plant came up, the Brussel Sprouts! A sigh of relief. The next ones were soon to follow, and now about half of the garden is fully sprouting! seedlings in container garden

Daily Care of the Seedlings

I have been watering daily with my Galvanized Watering Can and have been mixing in Mircle-Gro once a week as week. The Vigroot Balcony Garden has allowed great drainage for any overwatering I potentially do.

I am pleasantly surprised by the progress my garden has made and think I am on the right track to having a robust garden. Stay tuned for future updates to come! 

Did you miss the first installment of Kayla, Koda and Carrots?  You can read the first post here.

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