Kayla, Koda and Carrots: Planting a Patio Garden

I’ve never been much of a gardener, although I have always loved the idea of cooking dinner and stepping outside to pluck the perfect amount of herbs to top off my meal. When I joined the team at Lehman’s, the opportunity to explore the world of gardening opened up.

My dad has always been an important part of my life. I remember being a kid and watching my dad tend to his garden in our back country yard, before sometimes being called away by the fire department he volunteered for in our small town. At harvest time though, he would always have the most beautiful and bright tomatoes he would feed our family, reflecting the love and care he put into them. I remember having a counter full of so many tomatoes, we didn’t even know what to do with them. I truly think I was conditioned into loving them as much as I do now as a 26-year-old. Taking up this task is a way of honoring him for being my hero.  He used to work hard to grow that counter full of tomatoes, and it’s time to pay back my dad for all those tomatoes I enjoyed during my childhood.

There is a problem though. I needed a helper. While my brother and I would help my dad in the garden, I didn’t have little hands to help pull weeds in the summer heat, but I do have little paws that can help. I know, this seems strange. Having a pet help you with a garden is unusual, but they are great moral support with a dash of cuteness. Pets also don’t talk. So, as we start on this adventure together, I would love to introduce you to Koda.Koda the Cat by our garden

Koda is my two-year-old boy Himalayan who sits like a human and has 4 brains cells that rub together from time to time. He is adorable and slightly famous on our Facebook page (I might be a little biased).


Now to get down to the ground level, (pun intended) I had no idea what I was doing going into this, but I dove in headfirst. I knew I needed something that would be small enough for the duplex my husband and I live in, and I didn’t want to dig in the ground since we rent. I was in luck though! Lehman’s carries a Vigroot Balcony Garden that is the perfect size for our patio. First problem solved.


For the seeds, I needed something that could (hopefully) withstand my inexperienced hands. I went with the best seeds Lehman’s carries, the ARK seed vault. I planted a variety of seeds in my little balcony garden, including a whole level dedicated to herbs, broccoli, brussel sprouts, yellow and red onions, Sugar Baby watermelons, and of course, delicious tomatoes.  I planted two plants of most of the vegetables and herbs, and one of the bigger plants, like broccoli, and the Sugar Baby watermelons. I didn’t want to overcrowd the roots on the larger plants, though the beds are very deep, so I don’t think this will be a problem. I planted a variety of smaller herb plants together to take advantage of the space.planted herbs in container garden


The last ingredient for this patio garden was the most essential – water! Lucky for me, Lehman’s carries a watering can that is easily stored; the Large Galvanized Watering Can. I topped off my planted seeds with a little water mixed with Miracle-Gro Plant food.  All that is left now is to wait (and hope) that everything will grow strong and beautiful.garden planted with seeds

I am excited for this new journey and to share it with you (and Koda) to make a perfect little patio garden. I can’t wait to surprise my dad with the fruits of my labors, like he did with me. Check back in for monthly updates on the harvest, and of course, more Koda pictures.Kayla and Koda by their patio garden

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1 year ago

What a great idea! Will the fabric last for multiple years or will it have a tendency to rot? How much space is there between the bottom of one growing container and the top of the next one?

Reply to  Freshisbest
1 year ago

The fabric for the planters is designed to be sturdy and allow the perfect amount of drainage! It is about 7-8 inches in between.

11 months ago

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10 months ago

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