10 Last-Minute Ideas to Make the Women in Your Life Feel Special

Whether you celebrate Mother’s Day with your mother, grandmother, sister, wife or another woman in your life, it’s the perfect time to tell that special person how much you appreciate them.

Perhaps you were busy, or forgot the date was this Sunday.  Here are some last-minute, but thoughtful, ways to make her feel special.

  1. Write a letter, stating what you appreciate about her, and cite specific examples, like the time she took care of you when you were sick, or made your favorite meal for your birthday every year.
  2. Offer to do a chore or activity for her. Planting flowers, prepping the garden, organizing a closet or garage – these are all acts of kindness that show love.raking garden
  3. Make her favorite treat, whether it’s chocolate covered pretzels or carrot cake. Even if you aren’t a baker, try it – she will appreciate the effort.
  4. If you are more ambitious, make her the entire meal. A tossed salad, pasta main course and simple dessert will suffice.
  5. Fill a mason jar with little, handwritten slips of paper, stating what you admire and love about her. If you create 12 notes of appreciation, she can open one each month for an entire year.
  6. Share a craft or favorite activity. Does she love puzzles?  Spend the afternoon doing a puzzle, even if that’s not your “cup of tea.”
  7. Speaking of tea, prepare a simple but thoughtful tea party. There are so many wonderful tea flavors, and you can add some chocolate treats, cookies, or mini-cucumber sandwiches to make it special.
  8. Plan a date night – in the house or out. If staying in, choose her favorite movie, one that evokes pleasant memories, make some popcorn, and enjoy the evening. If going out, plan the event ahead of time – it doesn’t have to be on the actual Mother’s Day date! I suggest a shopping trip to Lehman’s!family watching movie together
  9. Gift cards are always appreciated, that way she can choose what she wants.
  10. If you are in the same household, breakfast in bed is always a treat. Place a flower in a vase on a tray, with a cup of coffee and a glass of juice, scramble a few eggs, add some toast, and a bunch of fresh fruit, and voila’, you have started her day out right.breakfast tray sitting on bed

Whatever you do, take time to call or hug that special person and tell the woman in your life that you love her!


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