23 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors

Happy 3-23-23!

As the first day of spring just arrived, we have compiled 23 ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

23 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors:

  1. Camping – Put up a tent in the backyard and roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the open fire for a fun easy way to make memories with your children.
  2. Gardening – Plant a salsa garden with tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro, chives and whatever else you like in homemade salsa. A container garden is easy to plant, maintain and harvest!

    gardening in raised garden bed
    Elevated and raised garden beds are easier on your back. Find a wide variety, including the Classic VegTrug, at Lehmans.com.
  3. Hiking – Go for a walk with the entire family.
  4. Dine outdoors – Pack a picnic and head to a park or your own backyard.
  5. Host a neighborhood carry-in – Invite those neighbors you haven’t seen all winter. Assign foods by category (appetizer, salad, bread and butter, drinks, desserts), and you provide the main course.
  6. Pack a picnic – Even if the weather isn’t great, who says you can’t have a picnic in your living room?
  7. Read a book in a lawn chair – Stretch out your feet, relax and read until you fall asleep.
  8. Go for a bike ride – Burn some calories and enjoy the great outdoors.
  9. Visit a nature center – Here in Ohio, there are lots of nature centers with free educational programs.
  10. Collect sea glass – Go to the closest beach and scour the shores for sea glass that you can turn into artwork.
  11. Skip rocks at a pond – Practice and count how many times you can get the rock to skip.
  12. Feed the ducks – Peas, lettuce or kale are great treats. Avoid the bread and stick to healthy snacks.
  13. Bird watching – Put out your bird feeders, get a pair of binoculars, a good bird book and a little notebook to record what you see.

    humming bird feeder
    Find beautiful and unique bird feeders (like the humming bird bottle feeder above) at Lehmans.com or at our retail store in Kidron, Ohio.
  14. Go swimming at the local pool – Many pools offer an inexpensive day pass.
  15. Take the kids to a local playground – Another free activity full of fresh air and exercise.
  16. Have a water balloon fight – Involve the adults and the children in this time-honored tradition.
  17. Run through the sprinkler – A great way to cool off in the backyard.
  18. Have a cookout over an open firecooking over a campfire with PetromaxFind the Petromax Fire Skillet and more cast iron cookware at Lehmans.com or in our retail store in Kidron, Ohio.
  19. Stargazing – Set up a blanket and some snacks outside on a warm night and name the constellations.
  20. Draw or paint – Set up an easel. Keep the supplies in the trunk of your car, so you can stop at a scenic location and paint away.
  21. Make and hang a bird feeder
  22. Start a leaf collection – Remember these from elementary school? How many trees can you identify?
  23. Go on a sprout walk – Try to identify all the sprouts that are coming up in the wild.
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