Backstage at Lehman’s: On the Christmas Order Line

Laura and her family. Photo courtesy Laura, photo by M2 Photography

Laura and Melissa are just two of the team of nearly 35 folks who help you when you call Lehman’s. And just like you, they have been thinking of the perfect (Lehman’s) Christmas gifts.

Christmas Season Veteran
Laura’s been a member of our seasonal CSR team for quite some time, and loves it. “Earlier, 2002 or so, I was a full time CSR, but after I got married, and my children were born, I moved into the seasonal side.” She and her husband have a son, 3, and a girl, 1. “I really like working here. We’re a great team, and it’s a family atmosphere.”

At the holidays, Laura takes your orders, one list at a time. And she’s got a list of her own too! “Oh, if I could pick out anything, I’d love to have the Efel wood heat stove with the remote for our home. There’s nothing like that cozy feeling when you have wood heat.”

Like many of our employees, Laura’s “can’t live without it” Lehman’s item is the Rada Tomato Slicer. “I use that thing every day, and not just for tomatoes. It’s so handy. We use it to cut sandwiches for the kids, to cut up veggies, slice bread, everything!” Speaking of tomatoes, Laura and her mother can tomato salsa and sauce every summer, to share with their large immediate family. This past summer, they put up 100 quarts!

Laura’s Gift List:
Although she’s not sure what she’d choose for her little girl this Christmas, she knows exactly what she’d like for her boy. “My son loves to tear things apart. At 3, he’s not really good at the putting back together thing, but he’s curious, and loves to see how things work. He would love the new Little Carpenter Nail Apron Set. It has real tools, and he’d be crazy for it.” She’d love to find the Apple Express Clamp-On Peeler under the tree this Christmas–with her name on it! “Mom and I also do about 100 quarts of applesauce too. I’d love one for us both.”

Melissa at her desk in our second-floor customer-call center.

First Christmas At Lehman’s
Melissa is new to Lehman’s this fall, and she’s adjusting to the pace of our Christmas phone business. “There are such wonderful people here, and it’s a good environment!” She and her family moved to the Dalton area from Mansfield about 18 months ago. Her husband is an assistant pastor at a local church. Her son is nearly 16 and her daughter is 7.

“We’ve finally settled in our home, and I’m looking forward to Christmas,” she said. And she’s wishing for some Christmas gifts from Lehman’s for her family. “I want to get one of those Stainless Steel Popcorn Poppers for my dad. I always remember him making popcorn on the stove–it’s a constant childhood memory of mine. He’d love it.”

Heartland Dual Fuel Range shown in Green. Electric or gas only models available. Call 1-888-438-5346 for a quote.

What would she pick out for herself? Well, since she’s moved into a new home, she’s dreaming big! “I don’t know that we’d ever do it, but I love the antique look appliances. It’s a toss-up for me between the Classic Reproduction Heartland Stoves or the Heartland 36-inch Refrigerator. In red, of course!” She laughs, and goes on to discuss what she calls her favorite Lehman’s item, which also belongs in the kitchen. “I have a cast iron skillet. I think everyone should have one. I use it all the time.”

She’d also love a butter churn. “I have one that was my grandmother’s. My mom and dad recently gave it to me, and some numbered crocks that have been in our family for years. I really want to learn to make my own butter, but I can’t in the one I have now. The glass one that we just reinvented is so nice.”




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