Bacon Makes 5 Down-Home Foods Even Better

Fads come and go, but there are always mainstays that pop up to the top of the cultural charts. No one can deny that bacon is still, well, HOT. What’s more, it makes five of your favorite foods even better – write-home-worthy, if you will.

Five Down-Home Dishes That Bacon Makes Better

From-Scratch Macaroni and Cheese. Crumble crisp bacon on top before serving.
For a great white sauce recipe that’s spectacular with a cup of shredded cheese stirred in, see page 602 in The Encyclopedia of Country Living. Yes, you can stir the bacon in too, but don’t wait around. It’s the crispy texture that sets the dish off.

Real Bacon BLTs: Use homemade bread, plop some homemade mayo on, top with garden-fresh homegrown tomatoes, and savor the difference.

Homemade Ice Cream: Garnish homemade vanilla ice cream with homemade fudge sauce and a few bacon crumbles. Maple or butterscotch ice creams have a crazy salty-sweet vibe with a bit of bacon garnish.

Bacon-Tossed Popcorn: Again, a few crumbles of bacon to taste, with black pepper instead of salt. For the adventurous, sprinkle some sugar in.

Bacon Dipped in Maple Cream: The ultimate Amish Country indulgence. Sure, bacon dipped in chocolate is all the rage on the coasts, but that’s just because they haven’t discovered the heaven-on-earth taste of good bacon paired with our maple cream. Put some out at your next family party. I guarantee you it’ll disappear in a hurry.

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Dori Herbst Fritzinger on Facebook
11 years ago

bacon is a wonderful food group

Shanne Dee on Facebook
11 years ago

Mmm….bacon…. With two eggs over easy, or in a BLT….*sigh* Heaven to my taste buds… :)

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