Before You Plant: Gardening Tips for the Novice

WHAT to Plant

As you are thinking about your vegetable garden, think of what you like to eat.  If your family loves green beans, but dislikes tomatoes, then plant the beans.

TIP: It’s a good idea to put in a variety of vegetables to see what thrives so you can adjust next year.

WHEN to Plantplant seeds indoors in trays

You need to know which garden zone you are in. You can also start your seed indoors, so the sprouts are sturdier when they go into the ground.

TIP: For a first-time gardener, buying sprouts might ensure more success than growing from seed.

WHERE to Plant

Sun and soil are the two most important ingredients to a successful garden.

SUN: When you mentally plant your garden, look outside to see when and where the sun hits. Vegetables need sun to thrive.  You can start with a small 10 x 10 plot, or even a container garden, which can be placed in the best sunny spot.

TIP: You want the garden to have at least six hours of sun daily.

SOIL:  If you don’t have loamy soil (full of nutrients that your plants need), you can add compost.  Put a compost pail in your kitchen and use it to collect scraps and leftovers that you can then put in your garden.  You are literally feeding your garden from your kitchen.

kitchen compost pail
Find odor-free compost pails for your kitchen at or in our retail store in Kidron, Ohio

TIP: Don’t put any meat or dairy items on your compost pile.  Not only will it attract critters, but those materials could also contain bacteria that isn’t good for people.

HOW Much to Plantplanting garlic in garden

Start small, especially if this if your first garden.  If you like tomatoes, plant two the first year, not twenty!

TIP:  Try a salsa garden – grow tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, chives, cilantro and whatever else you like in fresh salsa.  

WHY to Plant

Eating fresh vegetables and fruits that you grew yourself is very satisfying (literally!).  You will have confidence that your meals are not artificially enhanced and were picked at the optimal time for the best taste.  As you gain confidence and knowledge in gardening, you can expand your garden and move from PLANT to PLATE to PANTRY – Lehman’s has the tools to PLANT your garden; PLATE your meals and preserve the harvest in your PANTRY.

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Carriejo Santoro
Carriejo Santoro
10 months ago

Excellent advice!!!

10 months ago

Thanks for Thee information

10 months ago

[…] common mistakes for beginner gardeners, which not long ago included me, are planting too much in a small space and planting the wrong […]

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