Behind the Scenes: New Products at Lehman’s

just arrivedToday we’re taking a quick, behind-the-scenes look at what’s new this month, starting with my desk. Yes, my desk is one of the many places where new products at Lehman’s pass through. And my desk has seen some interesting stuff over the years!

Oil lamps, scythes, butter churns of every size, Amish-made ice cream makers. (My favorite? It’s a toss up, but the Spider Surprise Box was the most memorable – I nearly shrieked when I opened it.)

This month as my co-workers passed on the latest new products to me, I noticed a delicious trend.

food on my desk

Hmm…do you sense a theme?

Yep, we’re all about food this month, and some of our favorite finds are made near our store in Ohio. (There’s no place like home after all.)  Here are the highlights.

Kettle Cooked Salsa

amish wedding salsa

We now carry eleven flavors from black bean to hot cherry salsa. Available at

Get the chips ready because we have the salsa! Locally made, Amish Wedding Salsas are kettle cooked so they are naturally thick and chunky. But what I love about this salsa is the variety.

Hot Cherry, Black Bean, even Cranberry. There is a flavor for every salsa fan.

More Pork Rinds

Our pork rinds are so popular in our Ohio store, we’ve added more flavors online. This month’s addition? Hot & Spicy!

hot and spicy pork rinds

Available at or at our store in Kidron, Ohio


Unique Glazing Sauces

Are you in a supper slump? (Or as I call it, “tired of making the same old thing?”) It can be hard to think of something new to make for mealtime, and that’s where these new glazing sauces come in handy. Just add them to chicken, pork or fish for sweet, spicy flavor. You can even pair them with tortillas chips for a tasty dip. (Choose from Roasted Pineapple Habanero Sauce and Raspberry Chipotle Sauce – both made in Ohio’s Amish Country!) 

Roasted Pineapple Habanero Sauce

Available at

You can see all our new products here. Something new is always on my desk.


JennyJenny Smith is the editor of the Country Life Blog and the Digital Content Specialist for Lehman’s. It’s not unusual to find oil lamps, canning jars and freeze-dried food on her desk. She is an avid reader, card maker and dog lover. In fact, she is currently teaching her three-year-old Golden Retriever to not take her shoes. It’s an ongoing battle.

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