Book Review: Apples, Apples Everywhere

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It’s the best apple harvest in years, so we hear. And that’s welcome news after last year’s spring freeze, which really hurt Ohio apple growers.

So, since apples are coming in by the bushel, what should you do? You should take advice from the experts–and that includes Hillcrest Orchard in Walnut Creek, Bauman Orchards in Rittman. These two local orchards and orchards across the country contributed their best recipes for apple dishes to Lee Jackson’s Apples, Apples Everywhere: Favorite Recipes from America’s Orchards.

It’s not just a bunch of recipes for apple pie (although the pie recipes included are mouthwatering)! You’ll find recipes for drinks, main dishes, and salads along with the cookies and cakes. The best feature, in my opinion, are the profiles of each orchard included alongside the orchard’s recipes.

Hillcrest Orchard in Walnut Creek is noted for their continuation of a family business, and propagation of the heritage Grimes Golden apple variety, and their recipes for Apple Cake and Apple Pizza are easy to follow. (It’s an easy trip to Hillcrest in Amish Country, Ohio!) Bauman’s Orchard in Rittman, founded in 1929 is also a family affair. You’ll want to make the trip there to pick up the Ida Red apples specified for their Apple Delight: apples, cinnamon, cream cheese…what’s not to like?

Every orchard Lee profiles are like Hillcrest and Bauman’s: family businesses keeping heritage apples alive, and sharing newly-developed types. Each recipe is focused on keeping the apple in the spotlight, no matter the flavor or variety.

It’s more than a country cookbook, although it’s certainly that. It’s a snapshot of how apples continue to be a mainstay in America’s agricultural picture. It’ll be a great addition to your cookbook shelf, or your bookshelf.

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