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4 Ways to Make Better Butter

Take your butter making skills to the next level! Learn how to make herb butter, sweet cream or cultured butter, molded butter…even more nutritious butter.

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Do-It-Yourself Dairy

Happy National Dairy Month! Learn how to make your own butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream with our top do-it-yourself dairy posts.

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Secret to the BEST ice cream? Get crankin’

I still have distinct memories of standing there in the summer heat, feeling the cold penetrate through my shoes, while watching the strong backs of my dad and the other men I loved rhythmically rising and falling as they cranked the freezer handle.

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butter on toast

Homemade Farm-Fresh Butter: 2 Ways

Making fresh, creamy, preservative-free homemade butter is simpler than you think! All you need are a couple easy-to-find ingredients, the right tools and a little bit of time.

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DIY: Foolproof Homemade Yogurt

To save money and feed my children’s (healthy) yogurt habit, but reduce the (not so healthy) sugar habit, I invested in a yogurt maker and made my own.

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Better Butter = Homemade

Rich, creamy, farm-fresh butter beats store-bought, hands-down. You don’t need a cow in the backyard, or a large churn. For small batches, a dandy little tabletop churn is easy and fun to use.

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