Get Ready For Sugaring Season!

Did you know your yard maples can produce twice as much sap as forest trees? Follow these tips from Dave Ross, who’s been making his own syrup for 50 years. Trust us – that first pancake dripping with homemade sweetness will be the best you’ve ever tasted.

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Our Amish Neighbors

Each group has its own Ordnung — a comprehensive list of rules — mostly unwritten. It’s not difficult for local folks to see the differences, but it seems that to most people, an Amishman is an Amishman.

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Positively Downton!

Many of us here at Lehman’s enjoy the ragingly popular “Downton Abbey” series. And maybe it’s our trained eyes, but when we see something on the set that could be straight out of our store, we get a little excited. Read on…

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Re-enactors Camp In Style With Help From Lehman’s!

It’s challenging to keep up a “period correct” portrayal. But for us, it’s easy too! The difficult part is the research to make SURE that what we use is accurate in every detail. The easy part for us is that Lehman’s has many items that are necessary to carry off the illusion of living “back then.”

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The Old Chimney’s Story

Hidden in the woods is what remains of an old log home. Not much is left of it, just an old chimney made from handmade bricks and flat stones, along with the rocks which once made up the foundation.

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