Intentional Living

girl with goat

Managing Life as a Homesteader

There’s a lot to balance when homesteading. One local homesteader shares what she learned from 2019 Country Living Workshop speaker Stacy Lyn Harris.

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Karen churning butter

4 Ways to Make Better Butter

Take your butter making skills to the next level! Learn how to make herb butter, sweet cream or cultured butter, molded butter…even more nutritious butter.

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Stacy watering the garden

Living Off Grid 101: Water

When you’re living without electricity, you need a plan for getting water. Off-grid experts Doug and Stacy share their story of how they get water.

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Stacy with oil lamp

Living Off Grid 101: Lighting

How do you light a home without electricity? Off-grid experts Doug and Stacy share their experience with non-electric lighting from oil lamps to headlamps.

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holding hands

A Simpler Life Starts With Love

Feeling love is a fundamental part of what makes us human. It connects us all and gives us all something in common – we all want to love and be loved.

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