Intentional Living

Downsizing for a Simpler Life

Surrounded by clutter? Glenda Lehman Ervin shows you how filling your home with only practical and meaningful items can help you live a simpler life.

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Living a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Is your household ready to go green? Living a zero-waste lifestyle is possible by making simple choices. Learn how to eliminate your trash with Patrice Lewis’ help.

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a yurt

Why I’m Building a Yurt

In order to live on the land where I work, I need a dwelling, one that I can put up with a few days’ work. That’s why a yurt is the perfect choice.

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Stop. Smile. Connect. Repeat.

Putting down the phone and talking to the person behind you in line or next to you at the airport terminal is the start. It took almost zero effort and brightened her moment. It lifted mine too.

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Making Your Ladder List?

We live in a world where we are encouraged to look out for ourselves, to seek the best, to demand the most. Even before his cancer, my friend Paul was already on a different path.

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Dog, Dodge and Dietz

Earlier this week I headed out into Ohio’s worst snow storm of the winter to spend some time in the “wilderness” of southern

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Little Horse (The Chick)

New Mexico homesteader Judith Costello returns with another engaging tale of her often spirited, sometimes confused, but always entertaining livestock.

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