Make YOUR Summer Sizzle: Master Skills For A Simpler Life!

There’s never been a better time to visit our store! Our summer class schedule is packed with informative, entertaining sessions designed to help you discover and master simpler living skills.  Continue reading

First-Ever Ladies Night Out at Our Store!

Looking for an enjoyable evening to spend with your girlfriends, but not into the nightclub scene? Come check out the “nightlife” at Lehman’s! We’re planning a delightful evening of delicious food, entertainment, shopping, learning and downright pampering – and it’s all for you and your girlfriends. Continue reading

Join Us for a Different “Black Friday” Experience…


Forget dragging yourself out of bed before the crack of dawn. Sleep in! Then, join us in the tiny village of Kidron for a slower-paced, fun-filled Black Friday in the Country.

“We created this event because we were tired of that early morning rush to get to the mall, and fighting all the crowds,” said Glenda Lehman Ervin, Vice President of Marketing. “This way people can slow down, enjoy their shopping and sit a spell with a cup of cider.”

christmas-storeWe’ll be serving up some great deals both Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at our store in Kidron. Here are the details:

  • Friday and Saturday, 4-7pm, 20% off purchases under $100
  • Wear bib overalls and be entered into a gift card drawing
  • Dinner Bell Deals BOTH days; up to 40% off!
  • Cookies, coffee & cider served all day
  • Beef & Gravy Special in the Cast Iron Cafe
  • Take an additional 25% off at Lehman’s Outlet (excludes bulk canning supplies)

Get directions to Kidron and Lehman’s here. Take a virtual tour of our store here! Hope to see you on Friday, November 25 and Saturday, November 26.



Ascension Day in Amish Country

This Thursday is Ascension Day, also known as Ascension Thursday or the Feast of the Ascension.

Farm work such as plowing would never be done on Ascension Day. The Amish faithfully refrain from working on this religious holiday.

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Come Join Us for Homemade 101!

Like most new ventures, we weren’t sure what to expect when we started our Homemade 101 Class Series at our store in Kidron just a few weeks ago. But the response has been very positive, according to Shonda Miller, Lehman’s Retail Marketing Specialist and one of the team members who conceived and planned the series. Continue reading

The REAL First Day of Spring


Spring may be arriving this year on Sunday, March 20. But here in rural northeast Ohio, the “REAL” first day of Spring will be March 15th. That’s because everyone’s favorite summertime hangout, the Dalton Dari-Ette, will be opening for the season!

The Dari-Ette has been a fixture of the village of Dalton for almost 60 years, and its popularity has never waned. Even after Subway, Domino’s Pizza and Wendy’s, among other restaurants, came to our little town, the Dari-Ette remains THE place to go for lunch, supper and of course – ice cream.

Every area family has a bit of history with the Dari-Ette, and mine is no exception. My grandmother (now 86) was good friends with the original owners and she worked there soon after it opened. My aunt (her daughter) works there still (she’s an excellent grill-cook). My sister worked there in high school and would come home smelling strongly of fried foods (not an unpleasant aroma to me, but it was to her). It’s almost a rite of passage for area teenagers to learn how to swirl the perfect soft-serve cone behind the Dari-ette’s screened walk-up windows. Continue reading

I Was ‘Barn’ to Love You: Rustic Wedding Decor

Barn Wedding_17 RGB.jpg550x350An old-fashioned hardware as a source for wedding supplies? That seems as ironic as a wedding in a barn. Yet, “barn weddings” have become the rustic venue of choice for country and hipster couples alike as they re-envision this humble structure into a stunning new space for their big day.
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My Life as a Lehman

Having grown up with the name Lehman, I have lived the life of misspellings. Now that I go by two last names, as in Glenda Lehman Ervin, the chances for a typo have increased dramatically. So much so, in fact that I keep a file. Irvin, Erwin, Glenna, Linda, Brenda — you get the idea. And that is understandable. I should thank the (former) Lehman’s Brothers for at least popularizing the spelling of my maiden name.

We often look at our reports to see how folks are coming to our site. We’re not being nosy — just trying to discover the best ways for you to find us. I was interested to see all the derivatives of the spelling of our family name.

My brother Galen (CEO) and father Jay (founder) also have many misspelling stories. In our area, Lehman is a fairly common surname, so we always know when someone's not from here!

My brother Galen (CEO) and father Jay (founder) also have many misspelling stories. In our area, Lehman is a fairly common surname, so we always know when someone’s not from here!

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Black Friday in the Country – Come Join the Fun!


We’re getting ready for a fun, relaxing day in Kidron!

WHAT: We’re combining the promotions of Black Friday with the old-fashioned simplicity of Lehman’s on Friday, November 27. Take advantage of big savings, while enjoying what Lehman’s does best — offering a slower, simpler way of life right here in Amish Country. We’ll have store-wide savings, hourly deals, a “haystack dinner” special in the Cast Iron Cafe. . . and our neighboring Kidron, OH stores will be offering special deals, too.

WHEN: Friday, November 27, 2015. Lehman’s will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

WHERE: Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio (GPS/mapping address 4779 Kidron Rd., Dalton OH 44618). Participating businesses are within walking or very short driving distance of our store.

WHO: Lehman’s store, plus other Kidron merchants including MCC Connections, Eastwood Furniture, Quince Café, and World Crafts (and maybe more)




  • We will be open LATE, until 7 pm!
  • The Cast Iron Café special will be an Amish-style “Haystack” meal
  • Special pricing on select products store-wide, including Purple Ball Jars, Lodge 12 in skillet, select old-time toys, select games, men’s leather belts, and more!
  • Anyone who shops 4-7pm receives a 20% off discount
  • Anyone (young or old) who wears bib overalls will receive a free gift and be entered into a drawing to win a $60 Lehman’s gift card (just enter your name at the Customer Service counter)


WHY: We want to offer a fun, feel-good alternative to the crazy that has become associated with Black Friday. Customers will enjoy great deals on some of our favorite items, fill their bellies with an Amish Country meal, snack on free cookies and cider and enjoy their time out with friends and family. This is a great opportunity for people who have family visiting for the holidays who want to get out of the house and explore our little corner of Amish Country. Come join us!