How To: Turn your daytrip into an Amish Country getaway

Think there's nowhere to stay in Amish Country? Think again! The Sojourner's Lodge is just one of your many choices. Nestled on 20 acres including a 3-acre lake, it's a beautiful 10-minute drive from Lehman's store in Kidron.
Think there’s nowhere to stay in Amish Country? Think again! The Sojourner’s Lodge is just one of your many choices. Nestled on 20 acres including a 3-acre lake, it’s a beautiful 10-minute drive from Lehman’s store in Kidron.

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Shonda Miller, Lehman’s Retail Marketing Specialist. Shonda is literally the eyes and ears of our store in Kidron, spearheading large and small events, booking entertainment (and live animal appearances), welcoming tour groups and handling all manner of advertising. Welcome to the blog, Shonda!

For years, the Customer Service Department at Lehman’s has been a sort of unofficial Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. In addition to myriad questions they field daily about products and purchases (How do I light my new oil lamp? Will the teepee I ordered arrive in time for my daughter’s birthday?), they also answer questions about local sights and attractions. After all, while we never set out to be a CVB by any means, Lehman’s is situated in the heart of Amish Country, and we have an insider’s take on this very unique area of Northeast Ohio. So, what can you expect from a trip to Lehman’s? Who visits our store in Kidron, Ohio? What else is there to do in the area?

The first two questions can be tackled by describing an average weekday morning in May.

lanterns at store
Rows and rows of brightly colored lanterns

I took a quick stroll through the store recently, starting in the Lighting Department with its rows and rows of colorful railroad lanterns, oil lamps and candles. I spotted an older gentleman with a full, white beard (this time it wasn’t Lehman’s founder, Jay Lehman) perusing products. Nearby in the sweet smelling Personal Care Department, I heard the high-pitched voice of a child amid stacks of soaps and lotions

Huge selection of rolling pins and other kitchen essentials at Lehman's in Kidron!
Our store offers a huge selection of rolling pins and other kitchen essentials.

In the next five minutes, I pass a pre-teen boy with his grandparent in the Cast Iron Café and an Amish man (likely taking a break from the livestock auction across the street) studying the media wall. It displays publications, like Real Simple Magazine, The Backwoodsman, and the Wall Street Journal, that have featured Lehman’s. Closeby, in the pet section, I see a couple in their 20-somethings, checking out the new Fetchin’ Sticks. I don’t spot any dogs in the store this morning, but they are a common sight, too! Further ahead, Karen Geiser, a local organic gardener has a display table set up to teach customers about simple living.

This was a quieter morning in the store, nothing like the lively weekends and event dates. Tomorrow (Saturday, May 23) the store will host the annual Dutch Oven Gathering from 10am – 4pm, and next month an Ice Cream Social is scheduled for Father’s Day weekend, June 20, followed by a customer favorite, the Summer Celebration open house, on July 10 and 11. All of these events can be found on The crowds will be bustling on these busier days, but the faces will look the same. From older grandpas, to children, to young couples, Amish, Mennonites, and more. People of all types exploring and enjoying a simpler way of living.

Ohio's Amish Country provides countless choices to enjoy a homecooked farmstead meal, like this one at Amish Door Restaurant.
Ohio’s Amish Country provides countless ways to enjoy a home-cooked farmstead meal, like this one at Amish Door Restaurant.

Our neighbors in Amish Country are wonderful, enjoyable stops as well. Such as P. Graham Dunn, Shisler’s Cheese House and the J.M. Smucker Store and Café, are all just a few miles from Lehman’s. Across the street are Eastwood Furniture and Quince Café. In nearby counties are Homestead Furniture, Coblentz Chocolates, Nature’s Food Market and the Amish Door Village, with its hotel, restaurant, and shops. Amish Country is home to many excellent, comfortable hotels, inns and B&B’s, making it easy to extend a day trip into a wonderful weekend (or week) of memories. And this is just the start! To plan your trip to Amish Country, the “real” CVBs are just a click or a call away. Visit The Wayne County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau  and The Holmes County Chamber of Commerce  to learn more about our very special corner of Ohio. And when you do, let them know that their friends at Lehman’s sent you. We look forward to seeing you at Lehman’s soon.

Take a virtual walk-thru of our store here:


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