Backstage at Lehman’s: CSR Wish List #1

John posing near our Cast Iron Cafe in the Kidron retail store.

Our Customer Service Representatives (CSR staff) are the people who make things happen around here. They take your orders on the phone, help you find things on the website and at our Kidron retail store. Generally, they’re your connection to make your Lehman’s shopping experience easy. And they’re just like you–they have a wish list of things they’d love to have, and to give this Christmas. Today, we’ll visit with one CSR who works at our retail store in Kidron, Ohio.

John, Kidron Retail Store

You’ll spot John if you visit Lehman’s in Kidron. Standing well over 6 feet, he’s easy to find, even in a store full of Christmas shoppers on a mission!

If you can’t find a certain something, ask him–odds are he’ll know exactly where it is, and can take you right to it. When he’s not greeting and helping folks visiting the store, he’s stocking shelves and, in his words, “doing whatever needs done.”

Working every day among all the thousands of products, which could possibly catch his eye?

“When we find our new place, I’d love to have one of those nice cultivators,” he says. He and his wife are avid gardeners, and it’s not easy to garden at their current home, which is nestled deep in a stand of woods. They want to put together a garden and flowerbeds after they move, and that cultivator would come in handy, he says.

Another thing that comes in handy are EcoWare non-stick pans. John and his wife use them every day! “You can only get them here in the store. We love them, they’re so easy to use and clean, and they heat so nice, even though they aren’t heavy like cast iron.”

The Best Tricycle Ever is available at or Lehman’s retail store in Kidron, Ohio.

With the holidays coming, John’s put some serious thought into Lehman’s gifts for family members. His older son is a Harley-Davidson nut, and has several things coming his way that his father found for him at the store. (No telling! Wouldn’t want to spoil Christmas for John’s son!) “My daughter, now, she sends us a list after seeing the annual and Christmas catalogs,” John says, laughing. “It’s not hard to shop for her.”

As for his grandson, John’s eyeing The Best Tricycle Ever. “He’s 2-1/2, and he’s a tough little guy. I think it would be perfect for him, with those big knobby wheels. He could go all over with it! It’s very solid.”

Stay tuned for more interviews with our CSR staff members. Maybe they’ll help you find the perfect gift for someone in your family!

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