Favorite Things: Christmas 2012

At the risk of sounding like a spoiled child, I still am going to come right out and say it: “I LOVE getting gifts.” I love giving them too. I’m not a total brat but I’m worse than the kids about my anticipation when I see I have a present. I’m not above giving a box a tiny shake or asking for a hint. This past Christmas, my husband Bruce was wise to me and hid my presents someplace I could just not figure out. There was no shaking, no guessing by size or weight. I had to wait for Christmas morning, just like everybody else.

I was the first one up and had to be the grown-up and wait for everybody to come downstairs. Then I had to wait again while the children opened their gifts. Finally, it was my turn and what treasures I found! There were wonderful gift boxes! My brother sent me a Good Morning Coffee Gift Box complete with two beautiful mugs. My daughter, knowing her Mama’s sweet tooth, sent me an Old-Time Candy Gift Box. It made me think back to when I was a child and my grandmother sent us ribbon candy each year. (I was very good and I shared my goodies.)

Get the same set Kathy has! The Amish Country Popcorn Gift Box is available at Lehmans.com or Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio while supplies last.
Get the same set Kathy has! The Amish Country Popcorn Gift Box is available at Lehmans.com or Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio while supplies last.

My final gift box was from Bruce. I got the neatest Popcorn Gift Set to go with an Amish Country Popcorn Popper. He had another daughter do the ordering and receive the package so I wouldn’t get the box while home alone. I’m beginning to think he doesn’t trust me!

We have used the popcorn popper several times. I love, love, love it! It’s darn near as fast as microwave popcorn without the hazards. There is no problem with burned popcorn and it uses very little oil. We are each able to add what we like to our own bowl which is a real plus. I prefer my popcorn with butter and powdered cheese while Bruce likes his with a caramel glaze. The kids have become quite handy and even my ten-year-old can handle the whole process with just a bit of supervision.


Of course, now I have some other things on my wish list. I see the Lehman’s catalog has several other gift sets of popcorn available. It’s a good thing that I have an anniversary coming up.

All of our Christmas gift boxes (like the Old-Time Candy Gift Box) are now on sale, while supplies last. Visit www.lehmans.com and click the Sale tab.

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