Hand-Crank Blender At Home On The Range

Hand-Cranked Blender
Mark depends on his hand-cranked blender for drinks, soups, batters and more. It’s available now at Lehmans.com.

Our wandering cowboy has checked in again! While he searches for the perfect cowpony, he’s keeping us apprised on how Lehman’s products work for him on the road. He’s found the Hand-Crank Blender “indispensible.”

The comfort of having a food blender 24/7 is a must for me.  Other than having a good cup of “cowboy coffee,” a fruit smoothie is one of life’s simple  pleasures.

Lehman’s hand crank blender has allowed me to make fruit drinks, milk shakes, prepare sauces for pasta and mix soup stock where ever I go. After field testing this item for Lehman’s I gave it a hundred per cent rating-plus!

In the year and a half I have used it, I have found it to be very durable and tough.  It has out-preformed my greatest expectations.

Hand-Crank Blender from Lehman's.
The blender’s heavy duty C-clamp attaches the blender to Mark’s trailer hitch. Most folks just clamp the blender to their table or counter.

While in the back country of Montana last spring, I bolted the blender onto my horse trailer hitch and quickly made fixings for breakfast.  After eating, I was in business: headed for the cattle round-up.

A cowboy working with me asked how I got out of camp and into the mountains so fast.  I told him my hand-cranked food blender speeded up chow prep and got me into the saddle sooner than normal.  He chuckled, and wanted to see a demonstration. I said “Sure thing, see you at camp say around seven o’clock this evening.”

He showed up on time.  This old boy was accustomed to drinking a “little sipping drink” on the rocks or as a slush [“sipping drink” mixed with
snow]. ” Not this evening” I informed him.

I placed fresh picked blueberries, yogurt, protein powder and ice [broken from a frozen section of a near by stream] into the blender’s BPA-free clear plastic pitcher as he watched. He doubted if the ice would break up, for I had placed a chunk one and a half inches thick and three inches long in the blender’s pitcher.  It was a good test for any blender, but especially for one that’s hand-powered.

I popped the lid onto the top of the blender and cranked away. Or tried to.

Blunt-End Solid Stainless Steel Spoons
Choose a 10″ or 13″ Stainless Steel spoon. You won’t leave these sturdy spoons from Lehmans.com in the blender!

At first, I could hardly crank the shaft of the blender.  What was happening?  The jagged piece of ice just jumped up and down on the blade,and would not crush.

Well, this old ragged cow puncher really started giving me the once over.  I don’t know if it was from the heat coming off of the reflection of my embarrassed face or my continuing to work the handle, but soon, the ice began to break up and ingredients started to mix.

After four minutes of hard work, the blending was over.  As far as I was concerned the blender was too!  The hand-crank blender was heading “South”–I thought it was just too hard to use.

Leather-necked, sunburned, and thirsty my friend drank his first rotgut smoothie [metal shavings] and all.  Metal shavings?  Yes, metal shavings!

Traditional Tin Cup
Just like the cowboys used back in the day! At Lehman’s in Kidron or Lehmans.com.

Low and behold, upon pouring the smoothie into a tin cup, out fell a spoon, dented, scraped, and marred.I’d left it in the blender pitcher while adding and stirring the smoothie makings prior to blending. And the sturdy hand-crank blender mixed it right in: it was the spoon which caused the fuss, not the ice.

The blender was not damaged one bit.  After a good laugh we both enjoyed drinking our second batch of smoothies, whipped up in no time, since I left out the spoon!

Thank you Lehman’s for researching and finding such items for old cowboys like me to purchase. The next time you are in the back-country, fishing or camping, or where ever you may travel off the beaten path, be sure to take along good ole #116-2550! This hand-cranked, person-powered blender is truly a modern convenience that’s right at home in the “Wild West”!

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