Homemade for the Holidays: How to Make Meaningful Gifts and Memories

“I made this for you.”

Those are the words I want to say with every present I give this holiday season. Why do I bother, when there are stores 24/7 where I can purchase anything, at any time?

I bother because:

Time is a precious commodity. We all have 24 hours in a day and I choose to spend some of those hours creating gifts for others. It satisfies my soul.

The world is a chaotic and complicated place. By making a gift, I understand the ingredients and ultimately simplicity of melting wax and making candles; growing fruit and preserving jams and jellies for family and friends; buying fresh ingredients and baking a pie.

Hand-powered production is becoming a lost art. Hands-on learning (literally, folks) is becoming a lost art. Last Christmas, my daughter painted a beautiful portrait of the nativity scene and gave it to my father. He displays it above his mantle, which reminds him of the hours she spent creating it for him.

nativity painting
Here’s the beautiful nativity scene my daughter made.

Working together is both fulfilling and fun. Turning the mad-rush-buy-this-buy-that into a time you connect with family and friends, builds memories and relationships.

This holiday season, create, satisfy and fulfill your soul, by doing it hands-on… So you can say, “I made this for you.”

Editor’s Note: Here are some how-to videos to get you inspired – enjoy!

This article was first posted in November 2017.

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Maxam , aubrey
Maxam , aubrey
3 months ago

I couldn’t have said it better. I’ve been making gift for the grandkids for years. Means so much more to me and then too. Only one grandson I have trouble with. That’s the youngest and my sidekick. Everything I’ve made for him is in a chest I made him. Last year him an I made a knife on my forge. Well thats in the chest. He loves the outdoors and my bees. He’s been helping with them since he was 5. He’s a good kid. Keeps saying he want to grow up to be a farmer like I was. The other 2 grandsons are just as bad as he is. So very proud of them. Just wish the thing I made with love would get used. But oh well the memories mean moe! Sorry about the book I just left. God bless !! Merry Christmas y’all too!

Sandra Campbell
Sandra Campbell
3 months ago

Aubrey Maxam, perhaps he is saving those items because YOU made them for him! It’s precious they love what you do… !! What a legacy

Last edited 3 months ago by Sandra Campbell
Patti Butler
Patti Butler
3 months ago

We have always made most of our Christmas gifts! That element of our time is a precious part of the gift! Whether items made with beeswax, preserves and pickles, our honey, or wood crafts, each gift is made with that person in mind! And for the hard to please people, delicious homemade food goodies are perfect!

Reply to  Patti Butler
3 months ago

Homemade gifts are always more special!

Reply to  Maxam , aubrey
3 months ago

Thank you for showing your grandkids the simpler life!

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