I Heart My NutriMill!

Can I just say how in love I am with my NutriMill? Seriously!

Before I got my hands on this beauty, I was working hard hand grinding our wheat. Every day I would stand at my kitchen counter and grind… and grind… and GRIND. It took a while. It’s definitely nice to have a hand grinder in case of power outages. I love the one I have… but for everyday use it’s quite a workout to grind those 4-5 cups of flour needed to make one loaf of bread!

Call me a sissy, but I just couldn’t keep it up. We were seriously lacking in the baked goods department.

Something had to give. I needed more power! I hopped online and read every review I could find on electric wheat grinders. They are definitely an investment, so you have to know that it’s gonna be worth it. After I’d compared all of the options out there, the NutriMill came out on top every time. I had to have her.

The package had hardly touched my doorstep before I’d scooped it up and ravaged the box in search of my most coveted prize. It was a breeze to fit together. Before I knew it she was ready to roll. I could hardly wait.

The kids all crowded around in awe as I took her for a test run. I poured the grains into the hopper, closed the lid, checked the manual one more time, and turned her on.

The sound was a bit like a vacuum cleaner, just not quite as loud. To me, the humming was beautiful. It was the sound of my wheat being ground… effortlessly! I could hardly contain my excitement.

In just a tad bit over a minute (1 min. 8 sec. to be exact), 2 cups of wheat berries were finely ground into 3 cups of gorgeous flour. Amazing!

I’d read reviews of some electric grinders being messy, and resulting in a cloud of flour all over the place. People complained that they had to do their grinding outdoors or in the garage. I was very pleased to find that with the NutriMill I had no dust whatsoever on my counter top after grinding my wheat.

I cannot even begin to tell you how pleased I am with my new electric wheat mill. Yes, I would still highly recommend a hand mill for emergency situations (Lehman’s has a nice selection of these as well). If you plan on grinding wheat daily, you do not want to be without a NutriMill.

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Brenda Combs Musgrave
Brenda Combs Musgrave
12 years ago

I love my Nutrimill too!

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