Ice Cream Dishes Make Hearts Beat Faster

It’s the middle of February, and I’m thinking about…an ice cream social.

Well, OK. A friend has a landmark anniversary coming up in the summer, and it’s been suggested to ‘do a different kind of party.” Originally, I was going to do a fancy cake for them, but why be traditional?

Back again, to hold your sweet treats, the ice cream bowls are in stock now at Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio, or
Back again, to hold your sweet treats, Aluminum Ice Cream Bowls are in stock now at Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio, or

Hence the ice cream social. Look at those tall Old-Time Sundae Dishes and those colored Aluminum Ice Cream Bowls. How cute are they?

They’re retro, but practical, too.

Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware Water Cooler and Vinegar Crock
Made of handsome stoneware, our cooler serves as a handy drink dispenser for parties or as a crock for making your own vinegar.

I could start with the ice cream glasses and dishes, make our own ice creams, put together a few platters of classic cookies, lay in lots of drinks, put cool table covers on the tables, play some 50s and 60s music–it would be a lovely evening that’s perfect for visiting and reminiscing.

It seems the thing to do while stuck in the house on a damp winter day–planning a party for warmer times, when I’ll enjoy the sunshine and fellowship with friends and family.


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