Backstage At Lehman’s: Jammin’ with Jay

“The Grasshopper”, parked beneath the sign at the entrance to Lehman’s retail store parking lot in Kidron.

Our latest video here at Lehman’s is an ‘Auto-Tune’ style video, which is something completely different for us–we hope you like it as much as we do! (Check out and their videos of Mr. Rogers, Julia Child and Bob Ross. Those are the ones that inspired us!)

Here in the Marketing and Production Department, we watched the PBS videos with great interest. And we thought to ourselves,Hey, we can do that! So we did.

Luckily, we had the cooperation of our founder, Jay Lehman. He’s always game to try something new, especially when he is talking about Lehman’s. Planning for the video was a fairly simple process. It didn’t take too long to actually get the script to paper but some thought when into it because I wanted it to include different things I have heard Dad say, said Glenda Lehman Ervin, Vice-President of Marketing for Lehman’s, and Jay’s daughter.

A very young Jay Lehman–this photo appears in the “My Name Is Jay Lehman” video.

There’s so much archived video footage of our store, so we knew that we had enough material. We thought it might appeal to all sorts of folks, and give a different perspective of life here at Lehman’s. Although we’re serious about providing the best to you, our customers, we’re always ready to have a little fun.

Jay is a great sport and is always interested in reaching out in any way possible. While filming, Jay really enjoyed himself. You can tell–he’s very relaxed on camera. The entire process ran smoothly. We filmed Jay as he talked about different products from all over the Kidron retail store: the stove department, housewares, the garden room and even the toy room!

Jay today, during the video filming.

Once our audio consultant edited the video and sent it back to us, our marketing-web-creative team in the office reviewed it, and made some final editing decisions. After those final tweaks, “My Name Is Jay Lehman” was ready to be released. The overall experience was a blast! I hope everyone enjoys this very fun take on Lehman’s.

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