Kathy Harrison’s Bright New Year Idea

Kathy's Lobster Orchid
Every day or a special day, the soft light of oil lamps are beautiful. See similar lamps at www.lehmans.com or Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio.

New Year’s Greetings from all of us at Barefoot Farm!

A lot of people think of their non-electric lamps as something to pull out if the power goes out. No doubt, they are pretty useful for those dark days but we love our lamps even when all we need to do to get light is flip a switch.

Think about using your lamps more regularly, like we do. I know you’ll love the experience. There is something about the soft glow of a hurricane lamp that makes a room more peaceful. Eating by the gentle light makes any meal special. For some reason, the children are better behaved, the conversation more subdued and we all seem to want to linger well after the food has been eaten.

It was well after nightfall when this picture was taken. The windows look so light because the snow lies deep this year, and reflects light back into the house.

The orchid you see was a gift from my eldest son three years ago. It will bloom for months, then the blossoms will fade and fall. Just about the time I am inclined to think that it is dead, I see a slight swelling. A week later and the branches are full of buds. A few days after that the buds break open and we are treated to this amazing display. During this dark season, I sometime struggle to remember that new life is waiting beneath the snow; new adventures are ahead of us all in this new year. I hope that it will bless you with life and light too.

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11 years ago

[…] you all may know, we keep our hurricane lamps on the kitchen table so they are always available if the lights go out. They look quite pretty in […]

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