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There’s a hugely popular website called ‘Lifehacks’, where folks get commonsense advice on how to go about things: being a better public speaker, learning important points on new software, communicating more clearly. All those are great things. But we think LehmansHacks are more fun!

Today’s topic: lighting! Sure, there are all kinds of traditional kinds of lighting that we supply to folks: oil lamps, lanterns, and gas lighting. But there’s more!

The projects below all pre-suppose that you are able to do simple wiring for either electric or battery-powered lighting, and are familiar with basic tools.

Perfectly plain, the Old-Time Poplar Half Bushel is a great base for a centerpiece.
Perfectly plain, the Old-Time Poplar Half Bushel is a great base for a centerpiece.
  1. Half-Bushel Buffet Centerpiece: Every holiday, we all try for a better idea with our centerpieces. How about this: team LED flicker lights and Flower Frogs with an Old-Time Half-Bushel Basket, and fill with seasonal greenery and flowers. (It’s OK to use faux greenery or flowers.) Use a Dish Basin to hold flower frogs and water to keep flowers and greenery fresh, and to keep water away from lights. If needed, pour rice into a pillowcase to create an adjustable, self-leveling base for the arrangement. Use as much rice as needed to boost the arrangement to a pleasing level above the basket rim. (This is a tool-free alternative that makes up quickly, making it ideal for church functions and weddings where multiple centerpieces are needed on long buffets.)


  1. Colander Light: Use an Enamelware Colander as an accent light in your kitchen. Check out instructions here, here, or here for ideas on how to build the lamp. I think using a pull-chain lamp fixture adds a touch of country charm.

Old Fashioned Berry Basket3. Old-Fashioned Berry Basket Light: Top a small wall lamp with our flat-backed berry basket! You’ll need to cut away the bottom from the center out until It fits the small harp on your small lamp. The handwoven basket adds a lovely glow without overpowering the space.

Looking for more ideas? Visit our Repurpose! Pinterest board for inspiration.

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