Practical Pest Control for Summer

Uninvited visitors? Overcome the constant shooing and agitation of mosquitoes, flies, wasps, mice, moths, moles and other annoying pests. We can help you do it quickly with our helpful, proven traps and effective protection solutions. They will make life a little easier as well as protect your property and garden from a pest invasion and destructive, costly damage. (Don’t let them overrun your property.) Our best advice is to equip your home now, so you don’t have a bigger problem later. You can find more simple solutions here at Lehman’s. After all, we are the experts at simplifying your life.

Here are a few of our favorite products – our customers love them, too!

Use the Wind to Keep Moles Awaymole chasing windmill

Our mole chasing windmill is one of the most humane mole deterrents that you’ll find. Moles disfigure lawns with their tunnels, kill young plants by nibbling on their roots and eat the gardener’s best friend, the earthworm. The spinning blades of the Mole Chasing Windmill drive them away by sending vibrations through the ground. Moles can’t stand this, and soon leave your yard in search of a more tranquil environment.

  • They’re simpler, more effective and more humane than chemicals and poisons
  • Covers nearly 20,000 square feet (up to 75 ft in all directions)
  • Rust-proof, zinc-plated steel
  • Extremely effective on soils with clay content (like moles love). Less effective in sandy soils where vibration doesn’t travel as far

“These chasers are great: well-built and highly effective, eliminating the need for traps or chemical deterrents. We wouldn’t be without them!” –A Satisfied Lehman’s Customer

Let Bats Take Care of the BugsUpcycled Bat House

Just hang up this upcycled bat house near your garden or yard to help attract bats – they’ll take care of pesky mosquitoes and flies! Handsomely made by Amish craftsmen, our bat house is solidly built from old boards that were used in mushroom beds. This thick reclaimed wood is naturally tough, so no staining is needed.

The Story of “Mushroom” Wood
These reclaimed boards were once used in mushroom beds. Made from Cypress and Hemlock, they held the compost in a high humidity environment in where mushrooms were grown. They get their gorgeous brown color from a steaming process used between each crop to kill bacteria.

When the Amish craftsmen get these boards, they power wash them and leave them untreated. You typically don’t need to stain this wood because the acid in the mushroom soil created a treatment, making this wood naturally tough. Each shelter is unique – each is handcrafted and has its own beautiful rippled, deep grain pattern. And since they’re made from reclaimed wood, you can feel good knowing our planet’s resources weren’t wasted.

A Better Fly Swatterleather fly swatterHere in Ohio farm country, we’ve got fly-swatting down to a fine art. Now you can be an expert too with our leather fly swatter. Hand-sewn, this cowhide swatter is made by the Amish, right here in Ohio.

“This thing is made to work well and last a long time – the way things should be made. I will never buy another plastic or mesh fly swatter. In fact, the way the leather one is holding up, I may never buy any fly swatter again!” –A Satisfied Lehman’s Customer

Simple Tips for Pest Removal

Here’s are a few more tips for pest removal:

Ants Hate Cornmeal
Cornmeal kills ants. It’s true! They take it home and eat it, but can’t digest it so it kills them. This is an all-natural solution that won’t harm pets or small children.

Bees a Problem?
If you’d like to force hornets, bees and wasps to move out, try hanging moth cakes on your deck, under the eaves or anywhere else they like to build their nests. They don’t like the smell so they fly far away and call somewhere else home.

Banish Fruit Flies
Every time I serve fruit salad, those pesky fruit flies invade our kitchen. To get rid of them, take a small glass and fill it halfway up with apple cider vinegar and two drops of dish soap. Mix well. The flies are drawn to the cup and gone forever.

Squirrels Driving You Nuts?
Sprinkle your plants with cayenne pepper. The pepper doesn’t hurt the plants, but the squirrels won’t come near it.

Stop the Itch
To take the immediate itch out of a bug bite, rug the area with a wet tea bag. The tannic acid in the tea removes the itch.

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