How to Prune Your Flowering Bushes

Flowering bushes are a wonderful splash of color to your landscape. They provide a changing rainbow through the spring into the summer. But, pruning flowering bushes can be intimidating. This is especially true if you have moved into a home with established plants that have become overgrown. Allowing them to continue their wild ways will more than likely cost you their beautiful flowers as well other plants in your landscape. The biggest question is where do you start?

First Steps for Pruning Flowers
Inspect the plants to be sure they are healthy. Sickly or dying plants are sadly best removed and it is recommended the soil around where the plant was be removed and treated with a pest and disease solution before being planted again. This will help prevent the re-infecting of your new plants as well as the plants around the area. There are many ways to approach the problem. I prefer using all-natural formulas, Michael Phillips book, The Holistic Orchard, contains numerous recipes for treating fruit trees that are also wonderful for treating your flowering bushes.

When to Prune Flowering Bushes
Unlike fruit trees, flowering bushes bud right after they bloom (generally in the summer), so the ideal time to cut them back is not in the winter. This doesn’t mean you cannot prune them in the winter – you just need to keep in mind that the bushes will not flower as much or maybe not at all the following spring.

By keeping in mind these overgrown, wild, and out of control bushes did not get that way over night, getting them back into healthy bushes may take awhile. Gentle pruning and snipping each spring will keep them in shape. Your work is well worth it; in return, your bushes will reward you with stunning flowers.

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