Ready, Set, Grill! (Get Grilling Advice From Our Experts)

grilling kabobsEditor’s Note: Get out the barbecue sauce! In celebration of National Barbecue Month, we’ve talked to Dan, our grill expert and department manager at Lehman’s. He has shared with us some grilling advice and yummy mealtime inspiration. Dig in!

Grilling – it’s not just for hot dogs and burgers any more. 

Who doesn’t love an old-fashioned barbecue? Outdoor cooking is as American as apple pie. Whether you live in the country or are grilling on your apartment patio, cooking outside connects us all with the great American outdoors. And the taste of grilled food is out of this world. At Lehman’s, we carry a gigantic assortment of grills, barbecues, smokers, pellets, recipes and accessories that will let you enjoy years of thrilling grilling.

Although nothing beats a grilled hot dog or burger, grilling has advanced far beyond those outdoor staples. With the right product, you can cook anything you would in your kitchen on your grill. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – you and your grill can do it all. Beyond meats, you can ‘cue up an assortment of tasty veggies and delicious desserts.

Our grill choices range from new ceramic grills like Kamado Joe to old favorites like wood-fired Traeger grills. We also carry all the accessories you need for great grilling. These include standard accessories like aprons and BBQ tool sets as well as fish grill pans, shrimp grill pans and other cast iron cookware that makes it easy to barbecue even flaky foods.

Cast Iron Oyster Grill Pan
You can even grill oysters with our oyster grill pan. Available in our Kidron store or at

And it’s not just for the summer months. You can grill all year ‘round! “I will grill any chance I get,” said Dan Kinney, who manages the grill department at Lehman’s. “I will grill in the snow or the rain – the food tastes so much better.” Most Saturdays there are grilling demos at the store with lots of taste-testing so Dan gets to eat while he works! (#OnlyatLehmans)

grilling at store with Kamado Joe Grill
On Saturdays, you’ll often see one our friendly employees grilling at our store.

Choosing Your Grill

When choosing a grill, the most important thing is to determine what type of fuel you want to use: charcoal, pellets or gas. “Gas is the most convenient, but I really like to cook on charcoal. This method gives your food the best flavor without drying it out, especially for meats. Plus you can control the heat better.”

Flavored pellets can also enhance the taste of your food. “Every flavor is different, and we can tell you what type is best for what food,” Dan continued. “For instance, oak pellets are great for pizza and hickory pellets are perfect for ribs.”

Grilling using a ceramic grill, according to Dan, will make you look like a grilling expert. “It’s almost fool-proof,” he said. “Ceramic grills hold the heat longer and evenly cook your food.”

Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill
Kamado Joe ceramic grills are available in our Kidron store or

Grill Just About Anything

With today’s grills, you can smoke, bake, grill and barbecue. “We have done macaroni and cheese, breakfast casseroles, fruit, even bread and cookies on our grills,” said Dan.

“The harder fruits, such as mango, are best on the grill and pair very well with steak or chicken.” Today’s grills really function just like your oven. And in the summer months, you don’t heat up your kitchen when grilling outdoors.

“If you have haven’t tasted a smoked turkey slow cooked on a grill, you don’t know what you are missing.” You can be the hit at the next Thanksgiving dinner with a smoked turkey!

“I didn’t grow up with grilling, but my days as a Boy Scout taught me to love it,” said Dan.

“Now I really enjoy cooking for my family on the grill.”

Grills are mostly maintenance free. “Turn up the heat to 450 and let the grease burn off,” explained Dan. Depending on how much you use your grill, a good cleaning weekly will work. So get outside, and get cooking!


Glenda Lehman ErvinGlenda Lehman Ervin is the daughter of company founder Jay Lehman and VP of Marketing. “I love talking to people who are on their journey to a simpler life. Step by step, we are all on the path to a meaningful, satisfying life. We are thrilled that Lehman’s can be a part of that journey.” Glenda lives in a woods with her husband and two children, just a few miles north of Lehman’s, in Kidron, OH. They have two cats named, surprisingly uncreatively, Baby Cat and Girl Cat.

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