The Beautiful Simplicity of Oil Lamps

I don’t know about anyone else, but the lighting in a room has a significant impact on my mood and, at times, my emotions.  Yep, I can be pretty simple that way!

I love waking before sunrise because of the subtle, soothing way the eventual brightness enters my day.  I love the diminishing light at the end of a day as the sun begins to set.

In my venture towards minimalism and trying to bring serenity into my daily life, I have discovered the beauty and simplicity of oil lamps

For me, they mimic the gentle light of a rising and setting sun and evoke the same feelings of peaceful quiet.

It has become my habit to heat a pot of water for a cup of tea shortly after I get up in the morning. While waiting for the familiar sound of boiling water, I gather my Bible, books and journal for my meditation time.  I have learned over the years, this sacred time sets my emotional and mental tone before the bustle and demands of the day begin to pull at me.Lehman's oil lamp lit

I remove the glass chimney of the oil lamp sitting on my antique kitchen table.

I strike a match and watch as the flame moves quickly across the expanse of wick.  Carefully, I relace the chimney, smudged with small streaks of black subtly declaring its constant use, and adjust the wick to its proper height.  The gentle glow of light across my table is mellow and sufficiently adequate for my morning reading.

With the steam from my tea mug dancing alongside the shadows emanating from the slightly flickering rays of the oil lamp, I begin my day with calming light and inspirational written words.

I have become so enthralled with the beauty of these oil lamps, I’ve purchased several for my suburban home in PA.  I also have one in my 200 square foot log cabin in the mountains of Montana.  One lamp illuminates the entirety of the cabin!oil lamp in the cabin

Beyond the calm my spirit feels from this type of lighting, my oil lamps are helping me achieve my minimalistic and financial goals!

In the evening, in my home in PA, I light the various oil lamps around my kitchen and living area.  I don’t own a tv and I’ve committed myself to reading more in the evening before I head to bed.  I turn off all the electric lights and settle into my big comfy, oversized chair with a good book and a mug of relaxing tea.  I feel myself unwinding from the noise, tasks, and pressures of the work day.  I allow myself to be enveloped within the soothing warm light of the oil lamps and breathe deeply.

The simplicity of the oil lamps speaks to my soul and I look forward to the routine of igniting the wick to begin and end each of my days.

Eventually, it is my goal to rarely use my electric lights and instead, rely only on my oil lamps.  They are not only beautiful, they are useful.oil lamp lit on table

I would encourage anyone to purchase an oil lamp if you don’t own one and see if the light illuminating from the glass chimney doesn’t quiet your pace of life and calm your spirit. 

Lehman’s has a wonderful assortment of oil lamps and varied prices.  Start simple and see if you don’t find yourself finding other places for oil lamps in your home!

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2 months ago

Well said!…Thank you

1 month ago

Very good article. Thank you.

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