Top 11 Reasons to PREPARE

Family with flashlight readingWelcome to National Preparedness Month! Prepare for what, you ask? Well, the list is long and can include both natural and man-made crises: hurricanes, ice storms, thunderstorms and disruptions to the power grid among them. These kinds of events can strike at any time, at any place on the planet.

What you may not know is that Lehman’s has been providing supplies to live (and thrive) without electricity since wayyyyy before the terms “preparedness” and “prepper” came into everyday conversation. Oil lamps, wood stoves and hand-cranked tools have been our mainstay for more than 60 years. And we will continue to be a source for these supplies, both for our Amish neighbors and for anyone wishing to live “off-the-grid,” even if it’s only in emergency situations.

survival stove

And now, the Top 11 reasons you should start preparing today! 

Number 11: Do you really want to live at your in-laws’ for six days?

Number 10: After three days of nothing but granola bars, you’re going to wish you had hot beef and noodles.

Lehman's beef and noodles

Number 9: It’s hard to play cards in the dark.

Number 8: There are a lot of things you can live without, but water is not one of them.

Number 7: Boy, the nights get cold in November.

Number 6: It’s like taking an umbrella when it looks like rain: better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Number 5: There’s nothing like a stash of clean, dry socks to wear when you’ve been through a bad storm. If your feet are warm and dry, everything else seems manageable.

Number 4: Planning ahead sets a good example for family members.

Number 3: This isn’t to sound scary, but if you’re on regular medications, make sure you have at least a two week supply ready.

Number 2: Getting a crisis plan in place gives you an excuse to shop at Again.

And…the Number 1 Reason to Prepare: PEACE OF MIND.

Shop our Emergency Supplies and start today!

Editor’s Note: The article was first posted September 2016.

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