Youthview: Touch-Activated Book Lights Go to Camp

Kimmy's been a Tipp camper for 7 years. This pic is from last summer, when she'd stood still long enough for a photo.

Four Lehman’s Touch-Activated Book Lights spent the summer at YMCA Camp Tippecanoe in Harrison County Ohio. Kimmy Kettering, 15, the niece of a Lehman’s employee took them along, and put them to work.                          —Editor, Country Life


I used Touch-Activated Book Lights for many different things this summer. They were fantastic. They were lightweight and easy to use. Each one only needs one AAA battery, and the LED lamp doesn’t get hot. I could keep one pair of them in my backpack and use them whenever they were needed. Campers even used them to take bathroom trips at two in the morning and could easily carry the lights with them. We kept a pair in the cabin for anyone to try out and use. I personally used them for reading in my bunk during siesta, a period after lunch where campers and counselors go back to the cabins to take a break from the busy day, when the counselor turned off the lights. At night, I laid in my hammock and read while using one of these lights too. The lights also worked as great mini-flashlights. A cool thing about these lights is that they have three different brightness settings. I used the brightest setting for when I was walking from the bathhouse back to the cabins at night. I often forgot to take my contacts case and solution up with me to the bathhouse so when I got back to the cabin I used the booklight to see what I was doing. I put it on the lowest setting, which gave me enough light to get my contacts out, but it wasn’t bright enough to disturb other campers. One night as we were walking back from an evening activity and it was getting dark, one of the younger campers started to get scared. I grabbed one of the lights from my backpack, and she used it as a flashlight until we got back to the village.

Touch-Activated Booklight from
This close-up view shows the easy-to-use buttons and the light’s base, which I clipped on my scripts.

On nights that I helped with Raggers Ceremonies, a goal setting program for campers ages 12 and up, and had to read from a script packet, I used the lights because they would easily slide on to the packet and provide enough light that allowed me to read the script. I could move the light around because the neck is flexible, letting me see everything. The other campers, counselors, and CITs also used them during ceremonies and they loved them, too. Anyone can use these lights if they are ever in a situation where they are sleeping in the same room as other people. They would be great for late night studying in dorms when your roommate is trying to sleep. The lights work well with a touchscreen, so if you have to have additional light to check your phone, or your tablet, you can just clip them on. They aren’t awkward because they are so light. My sister is going to college soon, and I think Mom should pick her up a set of these too! One of the best things I would use the Touch-Activated Book Lights for is to read in a hotel room when everyone else wants to sleep. I read a lot, and I like to read before I go to sleep. I’ll be packing the Book Lights with me everywhere I go!

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