Why USA-Made Gifts Will Brighten Their Holiday

I don’t care that it’s fall. I don’t care that your Christmas tree is still in the closet, and I don’t care that everyone is hating me for blaring the She and Him Christmas album.

I’ve already had my first blizzard here in central Montana, and that means, to me, it’s time to get to Christmas shopping.

Haters gonna hate.

In all seriousness though, I’m a chronic planner, and I refuse to wait until everything I love starts selling out and stores turn into feeding frenzies of grumpy shoppers to get what I need for my loved ones.

This year, I’m putting my focus on quality over quantity, aiming for handmade goods whenever I can, lots of experiences instead of things, and plenty of made in the USA goods for my friends and family.

Why Buy USA Made?
There’s been a lot of emphasis over the years on the importance of buying something made in America, from cars to cast iron. And sure, that sounds very patriotic and all, but what are the actual reasons for buying American made goods?

Economic Benefits
Everyone might be a broken record about the economic benefits of buying American-made, but the reality is, they’re right. When you buy something made in the US, you’re not just supporting some giant distribution center — you’re supporting craftsman working out of their garage in the Midwest, companies that employ your neighbors and friends.

Sure, it’s AMAZING that we can support economies from around the world, but buying American-made keeps that money just a little closer to home, and those domestic businesses thriving.

Material Safety
While the US isn’t perfect, it’s a place where we’re placing an increasingly high standard on our manufacturing processes to ensure both product safety and environmental awareness.

Carbon Footprint
It goes without saying that when something comes from the US, it’s not crossing an ocean to get here, and using a whole heck of a lot less fuel as a result. Though many components are sometimes manufactured overseas, the product ultimately travels less distance to get from those who make it to those who buy it.

Find USA-Made Gifts at Lehman’s!
Check out the ones I cherry-picked for your shopping delight:

1. The Push Pull Hoepush-pull hoeGreat for those who struggle with weeds and tilling (but insist on doing it themselves), this back-saving hoe lets you pull and push it, and thanks to its serrated blade, cuts right through roots and weeds.

2. Spiral Walking Stickspiral walking sticksGreat for hikers and people with a lot of property, this gorgeous Amish-made walking stick comes in cedar, walnut, maple, and oak finishes.

3. Case Yellow Handled Trapper Pocket Knifecase yellow handled trapper pocket knifeMade of Case’s original chrome vanadium, this pocket knife is easy to sharpen, made in the US, and canary yellow to make it easy to spot when dropped. Ask a rancher — it will get dropped.

4. The Outhouse Birdhousethe outhouse birdhouseHow great is this? This adorable birdhouse is made from repurposed old boards, and the hinged door is fully functional for easy cleanup.

5. Snow and Nealley Single Bit Axesnow and nealley single bit axeNo homesteader has ever been sad to get a new axe, and certainly not this USA-made hickory-handled beauty. Great for folks that split a lot of wood, it even comes with a leather blade cover.

Editor’s Note: Looking for more USA-Made gift suggestions? Check out Destiny’s complete “Made in the USA Holiday Gift Guide.”

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