Buzz Worthy Skin Care and Candles You’ll Love!

What happens when you mix up a beekeeping dad, an enterprising stay-at-home mom and a whole lotta leftover beeswax? Fantastic natural products you can feel great about using!

“My husband is a beekeeper, and when he kept bringing home beeswax from capturing bees (you know, from people’s house rafters, porches, trees, etc.), I started to wonder what I could do with it,” said Laura Carmany, the owner and crafter behind The Wholesome Hive. 

From her home just several miles from Lehman’s, she started to experiment, and in 2013 officially opened her business. Today, Laura repurposes her husband Matt’s “leftover” beeswax into gorgeous handmade candles and natural personal care products like deoderants, insect repellant, body butter and even beard oil.

“After doing some research, I began to be very fascinated by all of the healing and wholesome properties that many different plants, herbs, oils, and other natural honeybee by-products possess,” Laura said.

The natural deoderants were among the first things she made; today, she offers both lavendar and unscented stick deoderants and a unique deoderant cream, too. Made with just a few ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda and arrowroot powder, they’re all great natural alternatives to chemical-laden versions.  

“It’s a great feeling to know that I can produce something that people not only want, but it’s also beneficial to overall wellness,” Laura said. “It’s very simple in nature, yet so important to pay attention to what is being applied to our skin.”

The Carmany Family

One of Laura’s most unique (and adorable) products, in our opinion, are her beeswax birthday candles. Made of 100% natural beeswax, they’re completely safe to use on cakes and cupcakes, even if they drip. And we love their old-time vintage look!

We’re also in love with Laura’s rustically beautiful honeycomb pillar, taper and votive candles:

See more Wholesome Hive products at!

Helping Dad: The Carmanys’ son is an up-and-coming beekeeper, too!


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